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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Gold Investment, Anyone?

Are you thinking of going into a good investment for your family's future financial stability? Then, perhaps you might want to consider gold investment.
It's not as easy as you think, you might say...but you can't blame anyone's thinking about it. I must agree, investing gold coins, should you consider it, needs a lot of consideration and planning. You need to learn to avoid mistakes most people make when you buy gold coins.
You might want to sign up for a yearly subscription to The Gold Monitor newsletter. This should help you learn the tricks and everything you need to know.

Did you know that owning a gold is the safest way to protect your wealth? Investing in precious metal gold coins is a must to anyone who wants to protect their money because it is considered to be more stable than your paper currency, as well as more valuable over time.

If you are still in doubt or don't know where and how to start, let the United States Gold Bureau assist you in giving the vital information you need to make the right decisions. You can also contact them at their number: 1-800-775-3504.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Dress Code Etiquettes Around The World - (Part 6)


PAKISTAN: Anything can be worn to private parties. Many women wear body-hugging Herve' Leger dresses with strappy stilletos, white men prefer T-shirts and Gucci loafers. Women accessorize themselves with gold bangles and large earrings, and glittery nose studs. Make up is heavy and heavy kohl is worn around the eyes.

SINGAPORE: For women at house parties, a Marni dress with Giuseppe Zanotti sandals are preferred. Brands are famous for upper-class people. Men wear designer jeans.

FRANCE: Overdressing is okay for a normal night out, but if it's black-tie, men should wear business suits sans ties, while women wear cocktail dresses. A normal night out for women should be simple like just silky and black.

GERMANY: Both sexes wear bias-cut patterns inspired by Henrik Vibskov's. Women can wear eclectic twist with Buddy Holly glasses and colored tights at a hipster shindig.

GREECE: Jewelries are the topmost priority with clothes only secondary. Skirts are tailored at mid-thigh under fitted jackets. Men wear starched shirts paired with dark pants. No baseball caps, no Birkenstocks and no billowy fake-hippie skirts, please!

ITALY: Women always love to wear Dolce & Gabanna dress and heels, while men wear navy suit jackets with blue shirts buttoned all the way up. Famous brands are big, so think of those Italian signatures ;).

RUSSIA: Women are with stilletos with local fave Stella McCartney brand. Armani cologne are common.

TURKEY: Chic women wear florals preferrably by Matthew Williamson. Hair is usually pulled back. Men wear open shirts under light jackets with dark pants. Long rain coat is NOT recommended even if it's pouring outside, otherwise you might be mistaken as a conservative Islamist.

UK: Wellies are more on a country wear, and take them off if you're indoors.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Find Your Budget-Friendly Destinations

Due to the down economy effect, many properties are slashing rates to attract business groups, putting together group-friendly packages which includes complimentary upgrades, catering credits and all kind of extras. Know the hot deals, and find your choice!
  • South Beach, FLORIDA. - The Oceanfront, art-deco style Setai Resort: - Rates dip down to $325 per night for meeting groups in summer with complimentary amenities upon arrival of each participant.
  • Aspen, COLORADO. - Aspen Meadows Resort: The deal: Once ski season is over, they offer a number of group packages such as meeting organizers who book an event for next summer will receive free refreshment breaks, complimentary wired and wireless internet access, free meeting space and complimentary airport transportation. Similar package is as well offered duirng the fall season. Room rates during this period start at $125.
  • Soho, NEW YORK. - Trump Soho New York: - will offer floor-to-ceiling windowed meeting rooms viewing Manhattan, the Hudson River and the Statue of Liberty.
    The Deal: Groups of 15 can take the "express meetings" package which includes a variety of daily dining options for meeting-goers, complimentary meeting room rental and discounted spa treatments. Offer expires this April 30, 2010.
  • Point Clear, ALABAMA. - Grand Hotel Marriott Resort, Golf Club and Spa.
    The Deal: If you book a meeting by the end of the year and hold it by Sept. 30, 2010, you can take your pick of any from the 3 incentive promos;
    - 1 complimentary guest room per 40 used
    - complimentray meeting room rental
    - 20% room attrition
    - 20% discount for A/V
    - 10% food and beverage discount
    - 1 suite upgrade
    - a complimentary themed coffee break
    - discounts on green fees.
  • Reno, NEVADA. - Grand Sierra Resort
    The Deal: If you book a meeting within the next 2 months, you'll receive a host of incentives such as catering a credit of up to $1,500 (depending on group size); up to 20% off internet access and A/V rental in meeting rooms; and complimentary VIP suites. Meeting-goers will also receive free drink coupons and complimentary bowling.
  • PonteVedra Beach, FLORIDA. - The Swagrass Marriott
    The Deal: Groups who book by the end of this year can get the hotel's "Meet, Eat & Save" catering package. Room rates costs $130 per single-occupancy. Meeting goers with this room rate receive a continental breakfast and morning break, lunch and an afternoon break.
  • Boston, MASSACHUSETTS. - Boston's Back Bay
    The Deal: Special guest room rates are offered to those who book mid-week (Sunday-Thursday) which starts at $329, and each participant also receives $25 "petty cash" which can be used for hotel expenses like dry cleaning, parking, airport car service, phone or fax.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Dress Code Etiquettes Around The World - (Part 5)

When you're at a party:

DUBAI: Go glam to the gills! Men wear Y3 trainers and tailored blazers over graphic tees. Wear clean socks if you're going to a local's house. You'll leave your shoes at the door.

EGYPT: Men wear full suits although some wear smart shirts and slacks. Women wear shoulder-covered black sheath which is considered to be safe and sophisticated. 90% of Egyptian women cover their heads but tourists aren't required to do so.

IRAN: You can wear anything under your outer cloak. The youth show off their jeans and strappy stilettos on a friend's informal gatherings. Adults wear elegant suits under their cloaks.

ISRAEL: Wear jeans and nice tops for secular celebrations, but cover your elbows and below the knees for religious ceremonies and weddings.

JORDAN: Men wear suits like navy colors at night and gray at day time with a light colored silk tie. Women wear signature haute new tone like Dior and Elie Saab for evening party. Women usually should cover their shoulders and legs when out in Amman. Trendy women can show a little more skin as long as head is covered.

LEBANON: Anything goes in night clubs but flowing gowns from local designers are preferred in fancier parties. Women wear over-the-top accessories, bright scarves, gold bangles, glittery clutches and neon satchels.

MOROCCO: Preferred are hand-piped tunics, bright floor-length djellabas and elaborate caftans. French expats wear chic little black dress covered up with a light cotton shawl.

SYRIA: Women love to wear LBP (little black dress) or a curvy suit by Chanel or Valentino, a style inspired by the country's first lady, while men can chose to wear a perfectly pressed two-button wool ensemble.

CHINA: Monochromatic palette exaggerated styles and silhouettes are hot to wear.

INDIA: Women wear sleek knee-length silk tunics with side slits and legging-like pants worn bunched at the ankles. Jewelries are usually made to order and no one buys off the shelf. Men wear short-sleeved button-downs, slacks and loafers.

INDONESIA: Men prefer to wear jeans and loafers. Cotton doesn't look formal to wear at night. Many wear synthetics in vibrant prints. No naked bathing in rural areas no matter how private the river feels.

(to be continued)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Avoid ATM Charges Overseas

Just an important reminder if you are out of the country when using your ATM card.

For every transaction at the ATM, your home bank charges you a fee of up to 3% or a flat rate ($1.50 to $5.).
However, Commerce bank which has branches in the eastern US doesn't add any fees for customers who use alternative ATM's when traveling.
Best thing is, customers are reimbursed for any fees levered by the international bank.

The Bangkok Charms - (Part 1)

When it comes to the word "Bangkok", - that would surely mean the city that made Thailand simply fascinating.
I've always been wanting to visit Thailand. Of course, wherever the itinerary trip maybe, Bangkok would always be on the list for many who would be visiting.
Bangkok has been called "Krung Thep" or the City of Angels. It's a dazzling city due to its cosmopolitan nightlife, delicious dining and shopping. It has a rich history with fascinating culture and vibrant festivals.
Bangkok Adventures:
To start your adventure, try getting a boat trip to the scenic Chao Phraya River. On the eastern shore, visit Rattanakosin Island; - the heart of culture and historical city. In this island, visit the Grand palace, an exquisite royal compound that includes Wat Phra Kaeo, a Buddhist shrine called "Temple of the Holy Jewel Image" or "Temple of the Emerald Buddha." Close by is also the city's oldest and largest temple, - "Temple of the Reclining Buddha," towering at 150 ft. long and 50 ft. high. You might also want to capture "Golden Temple of Dawn" (Wat Arun) across the river while it shimmers magically at sunrise and sunset, and listen to the bells that sound each morning at Wat Rakang.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Dress Code Etiquettes Around The World - (Part 4)

JAPAN: Women wear heels, make up and dose of frills, while men must be clean shaven and spend time on their hair.

PAKISTAN: No shorts, tank tops or above-the knee skirts. Recommended are loose jeans and tunic-like top (should reach the upper thigh) during the day, layered with bright embroidered scarf for women. In the south, men and women wear vibrant colors and breezy cotton layers while in the northern part, they wear heavier darker colors.

SINGAPORE: Those in their 20's - 30's wear tank tops, hot pants (board shorts for men) and flip-flops.

FRANCE: No bright colors, - cream, navy, gray and brown are preferred. Keep things simple, neutral and classic rather than trendy. Avoid walking shorts, sport sandals, pleated chinos, golf attire, baseball caps, sneakers, T-shirts and sexy clothes.

GERMANY: The cool weather's ideal wear is a coat with asymmetrical zipper or bat-sleeved and made of wool (for stylish designs). Germans can be fashionable to definitively frumpy. Their sack dresses are paired with edgy haircuts and bold jewelries.

GREECE: Women wear nice tees, linen trousers, sweaters tied around shoulders and over-sized shades. Men wear Mr. Onassis-inspired Ralph Lauren shirts and jeans, -while sleeves are rolled to the elbow.

ITALY: Youths wear Dolce & Gabanna tops and Diesel jeans and sport slim three-pc suits, matched with the right hat or narrow knit tie are worn by sophisticates.

RUSSIA: Winter styles are tights and fur coats. Men wear signature tops like Armani, Versace, Dolce paired with acid- washed Italian jeans. Sneakers are not recommended.

TURKEY: Men and women do wear designer jeans, Tod's loafers and ironed high-end T-shirts. No shorts.

UK: Women wear high-low mix of Top shop and Temperley. Men wear peg-leg trousers in primary colors with plaid shirts or tees. Chinos and polos are not recommended.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Trip Tips On Visiting a Danger Zone

Okay, so what if you happened to be traveling to a place or happened to be in a place where war is in progress?
According to Kenin Sites, a war journalist, there are at least 4 main tips worth recommending:

If a war is in progress, always be prepared for self-support medically. Get immunizations before you go such as for yellow fever, hepatitis, malaria, etc. and be sure to know your blood just in case. Always carry a broad-spectrum antibiotic like Cipro to fight traveler's diarrhea and bacterial infections.

You'll need to find a "fixer", - a well-connected guy who knows the language and customs. It should be somebody whom you can trust, and also someone who's an operator. It's all worth it to have that piece of mind you gain at checkpoints even at $100/day.

Be hyperaware. Wherever you maybe, be sure to know your escape routes. If you're entering a volatile situation, it's a must to appear as laid-back and unassuming as possible. Usually, short hair is associated with the military in many of these places, so perhaps it's not bad skipping to skip the pretrip haircut for a while.

You can't just pop up into an internet cafe in a war-torn country. Better yet, travel with a satellite phone and a solar charger. It doesn't only act as for communication but also used for bartering purposes. If you let somebody make a call, you gain their trust. While you're at it, keep trinkets on hand. It sometimes can buy you a big favor even if it's something as small as handing out a pen.