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Monday, February 1, 2010

Modern Strategies of Travelling Today (Part 5)

Car Rentals.
  • Reserve the least expensive model. If the car you reserved isn't available, mostly they would give you a better car for the same price. You can as well negotiate an upgrade at the car rental counter.
  • Avoid extra-driver fees and additional paperworks by joining the loyalty club.
  • Don't pay double for car insurance. If you own a car and your owner's policy covers you no matter what car you're driving, including a rental, there's no need to give the rental car agency that extra $10-20 per day. Also, most credit cards cover the Collision Damage Waiver (CDW).

  • There are general rules to follow regarding tipping in the US.
  1. Bellmen: at least $1-2 per bag.
  2. Housekeepers: a couple bucks per day might not mean much to you but it will mean a lot to the housekeeper.
  3. Concierges: Snagging a theater ticket or restaurant reservation is at least $20.
  4. Waiters: Under 15% means you didn't like the service.
  5. Taxi drivers: tips are at least 15-20%, or at least $1 for every five dollars of fare. Round up to the nearest buck. No one likes to deal with change :).
  • Cruise ship tips are mostly automatically added to your bill. Don't be scared to let them know if you'd like to reduce the service fee and explain your reasons to the purser. The cruise line deserves the right to know when passengers are disappointed.
  • Customary tips vary from country to country so read the guidebook on the tipping part.