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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Dress Code Etiquettes Around The World - (Part 3)

What you have to wear when you're on the street in:

DUBAI: usually, it's on the mall (not the street) is the place;. Women can wear T-shirts that cover shoulders out of respect and as a protection against freezing AC's in the mall. They carry tote - Louis Vuittons! Shawls are being carried as well for a quick conservative look, although some wear shorts or mini's Men wear reflective avaiators and Gucci sandals. Here, you need a signature brand or two to be big ;).

EGYPT: Men always wear undershirts beneath polos, even on warm days. Women should wear ankle-length jeans or long skirts. Khaki cargo styles are popular. Shorts are only preferred to be worn when you're playing at a sports club.

IRAN: Islamic dress code are strictly enforced which requires women (including non-Muslims) to cover their head to toe. Those working wear chadors, although manteau over jeans is accepted! Hijabs are often pinned with pretty brooches. Minimal make up, recommended, NO bright lipstick but flawless eyebrows is a must!

ISRAEL: Cotton shorts and tank tops are commonly worn in places like Tel Aviv and Ellat during hot season. Everywhere is fairly casual. Jerusalem, Galilee and Tiberias get colder winters so they wear more conservative dress. Long skirts are ideal for women and everyone should be covered up in religious sites with high necks and long sleeves.

JORDAN: Rich red embroidery in popular, so western women can choose to have detailed tunics over loose trousers, while many locals also wear pants. Also black cotton dresses with embellished and with traditional needle work are worn. Men wear khakis and collared shirts.

LEBANON: Beirut is considered fashionable but since majority are poor, they wear more conservative look. Women wear light dresses or caftans, while men wear belts and loafers and carry crisp bills folded in money clips. This style however is not recommended in the capital city.

MOROCCO: Styles are modern urban wear when strolling. Some women still wear head scarves but mostly wear trendy tops and jeans.

SYRIA: Most older women (40 and above) still wear hijabs or scarves on their head when shopping, tourists aren't required to do so. But do cover arms and legs before going out as a sign of respect.

CHINA: Some Chinese women still wear conservative cuts, but many are wearing shirts that are sometimes transparent, making the bra in full view. Wearing flip-flops in China are considered cheap!

INDIA: Designer clothes aren't right in the city streets. Wear drawstring pants, leather toe sandals, and a cotton T-shirt. Men can wear knee-length tunic with cotton or linen bottoms.

INODNESIA: Flip-flops are only worn in the bathroom! Gladiator sandals are ideal, sneakers or ballet flats, with jeans. Any tops with collar like polo shirt is also recommended as a sign of respect.