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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Dress Code Etiquettes Around The World - (Part 1)

When you are at a meeting:

In DUBAI, women usually wear pantsuits that are sheeny and glam, while men wear black, buffed and paired with slim ties.

In EGYPT, Ties and sports coats are almost obsolete. In formal meetings, long sleeve with button-down and slacks is acceptable. Women usually wear jackets over high-necked shell and loose pants.

In IRAN, a "chador" (hooded floor-length cloak) should be worn by women meeting a clerical group. In most gatherings, women should wear a black "manteau" (loose coatlike garment), a low-closed pumps, and an Iranian "hijab".

In ISRAEL, jeans are commonly worn than ties and jackets, and in business formal meetings, means no more than a button-down and khaki pants. For women who are attending meetings with religious colleagues, skirts are preferred than trousers. Liberal places such as Tel-Aviv, trendy dresses from boutiques are commonly worn by women.

In LEBANON, Men prefers a two-button Hugo Boss brand, navy or black. Women are fashionable with straight skirts and fuschia jackets. Hair ponytail is NOT recommended.

In MOROCCO, women and men are invariably formal in suits.

In SYRIA, men wear suits; women wear skirt ensembles. No trousers or slacks.

In CHINA, homogenous suits and ties are being worn even on hot summer days. Women going for business meetings don't wear any makeup or jewelry and everyone shies away from conspicuos consumption to show they're focused on the business at hand.

In INDIA, pantsuits are very well tolerated anywhere on the Indian subcontinent. Wear cotton or linen in summer, pair it with colored scarf or dangle earrings. Men can wear color, too ;).

In INDONESIA, men wear batik-button-downs with khaki pants and closed shoes, while women wear plain dresses, long sleeves and hair ponytails with lipsticks and blush ons. Notable jewelries are not recommended.