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Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Break-Sweating Vacation, Anyone?

Perhaps, it's time to consider some heart-pumping excitement for a vacation. Why not? Just imagine after that daylong hike, there's a 90-minute massage waiting for you! :).

You might wanna check these places:
  1. Canada: - How about a 3-day trek starting at Bobbie Burns Lodge - home to the region's best-stocked wine cellar. Try the zip lines, foot bridges and iron axes needed to reach your 10,000-foot date with destiny :).
  2. Brazil: - Alpha Adventure experience, anyone? It's a car-free island 100 miles from Rio de Janiero. It's an experience of aggro-sounding, week long guy retreat with spiking activities such as rappelling and machete-hacking. More refined male pursuits are also options such as yoga and samba lessons.
  3. Portugal: - Offers some of the best surfing in Europe such as Nomad Surfer's near Praia de Amado. There, you can get instruction and gear plus chilled-out yoga lessons.
  4. Tanzania: - Go horse back riding and explore its 350,000 square-acre Singita Grumeti Reserve. Consists of 4 nights convoys - 6 riders maximum, with 25 miles passing herd of giraffees, zebras and wildebeests.
  5. Maldives: It's more than 20 hours flight from the US, but worth it! Check the boat ride offers that connects five nearby islands to form a 12-mile biking and hiking path for visiting villages along the coasts.