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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Modern Strategies of Travelling Today (Part 4)

  • Be aware of the hotel bedspread that might be bug infested. It might be teeming with creepy crawlies. If you have one, remove it at once and place it in a corner of the room. Take note, you don't want to bring the bedbugs home with you, right?
  • Room service is not recommended and is a total rip-off unless you don't have any other options.
  • Valet parking would only be the last resort. A parking lot close by will be 50% cheaper.

  • Don't forget your passport, even if you're traveling by sea visiting Mexico, Canada, caribbean, Bahamas and Bermuda. If something happens such as emergency, having one will make things considerably easier.
  • You can save money by booking directly with those running the shore excursions or similar outings. If you book an excursion with an outside operator and don't get back to the ship in time, you're out of luck. When you book through the cruise line, they will wait.
  • Try posting your travel info at about the cruise you want to take. Agents will then bid against each other to get your likings. You're not obliged to buy something you don't like.
  • You might want to pack things you want ready such as a book, swim wear, sunblock, etc..inside your carry on, because sometimes your bags won't arrive at your cabin for a few hours after you board.