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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Modern Strategies of Travelling Today (Part 2)

  • When booking, some sites automatically add extras that you might not like like travel insurance. So, if you see a checked box on a website, look closely for the fine print.
  • Travel sites use cookies on your PC to let them know you've been there which is how they remember your name. However, these cookies also are used to avoid showing the same price every time you visit. Try deleting your cookies, and they will treat you like a new customer. Delete only ones associated with the booking engine as some cookies serve a useful purpose.
  • The best deals are last minute, and to get them, you need to subscribe to e-newsletters from airlines, hotels and travel sites.
  • Charter flights with packages booked by tour operators sell cheaper flights than regularly scheduled one. Potential downside of this is that charter flights go only once a week, or if you missed your flight or plane conks out, you're stuck!
  • When airline slashes fares, competitors that fly same route tend to follow. So, if a carrier of your choice doesn't have any availability, try the competitors.
  • Confirm all your reservations and cancellations as well. Be sure to get confirmation number, or even better a confirmation email. it's always a safe idea to have your proof in writing handy with you, or else, you're facing an uphill battle if the charge eventually shows up on your credit card bill.
  • Pay all your bookings with a credit card to protect you in the event the airline or tour operator goes out of business.
  • Whenever possible, fly nonstop and depart early in the day before delays can occur. In winter, avoid airports that usually experience weather-related delays.
  • If you're on a cruise or in an adventure such as a safari, travel insurance looks much, much better because tour operators and cruise lines tend to penalize those people who cancel. Consider buying an insurance when you think the odds are decent that you won't be able to take the trip for one reason or another. Just make sure you know before hand exactly what are the coverage and which situations allow you to cancel and what the cancellation frame is.