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Friday, December 4, 2009

The Strasburg Railroad

Aren't we glad we can still immerse ourselves into a rich, educational experience learning about steam railroading until today? This fun, informative experience is not only for students but for the entire public who enjoy and appreciate exploring the engines and rail cars up-close...and the best would be riding on these beautifully restored trains, don't you agree?

Well, we did had fun, indeed! Riding on a presidential coal-burning steam train as they would say is more than fun! It's like you walked through the past where famous people in the past had been through. We had a 45-minute (presidential) train ride that departed from East Strasburg station that took us through the Amish countryside to Paradise, PA then back. During the trip, you'll see more than 1,000 acres of Amish farm fields still plowed by horses and mules. You see Amish buggies on railroad crossings and cool farms!

The best part? You enjoy food and drinks and entertainment while aboard the steam train on Strasburg Railroad. A little bit of a change to that of visiting a zoo. LOL!

Visiting Strasburg Railroad is like experiencing romance and adventure in the early 20th century that comes to life.