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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Tips For Driving An RV - 2

(continuation of Part 1)

  • Showering. - To conserve water, shut it off while you lather in the shower, before turning it back to rinse.
  • Driving. - It's a bad idea to exceed speed limits in an RV because you need extra distance to stop. Try finding long entry ramps when merging into highways to accelerate so you have enough space. Use your side mirrors, too.
  • Hills. - If hills are too steepy, you won't be able to make it to the top, no matter how hard you push on the gas. It helps to buy a mountain guide available at truck stops so you can identify troublesome hills. Approach any grade over 10% with caution.
  • Entry Step. - Most RV's have pull out entry steps so it's easy to get in and out. Make sure to stow the step before you drive. If it happened you left it out, and you're driving, you can't see it. When the step hits a curb or someone's car, you're in heavy trouble!
  • Dumping. - Wait until the tanks are at least 3 quarters full before you empty them. Otherwise, they won't drain properly. The black tank is the sewer waste, and the gray tank is the water waste. Dump the contents of the black tank first so the soapy water from the gray tank can clean out the hose.