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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Longhorn Cattle Sculpture Park

When you're in downtown Dallas, this park is easy to find. The park is located at Pioneer Plaza by the Dallas Convention Center and at the intersection of SOuth Griffin and Young Street.
The park is pretty obvious when you start seeing bronze statues of longhorns leaded by statues of 3 cowboys riding on their horses. It is landscaped with a flowing stream and waterfalls that leads to a small stream of water with some bronze cattle statues that are crossing through it. The sculptures are considered to be the largest bronze sculpture of their type in the world.

The park is based on honoring the Dallas cowboys' past by celebrating the trails that brought settlers to Dallas.

Just a note to keep in mind: Don't touch or ride on the sculptures during extreme hot or cold weather temperatures. I tried touching one of them during my visit one fine hot day in summer!...OUCH!, really hot! LOL!...almost burned one of my fingers!