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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Tips For Road Trippers (Part 1 of 2)

Going on a road trip? These are some tips that might help you lessen the hassles:
  • Bring some snacks. - Snacks are crucial like munchies for kids.
  • Encode Your Accounts. - If you have a list of important account numbers, insert a 3 or 4 digit dummy code into each member. If the list is lost, it'll be meaningless to anyone who isn't aware of the dummy code.
  • Love Your Neighbors. - You can rely on them to gather your mail or pick up papers from your front yard. You can then return the favor back by buying souvenirs or collectible items from your trip for them.
  • Cashing Out. - If you're often stuck with small coins and bills that aren't easy to convert back to dollars, you can solve this when you settle your hotel bills. You can pay first with the left over cash then use your credit card for the balance.
  • Queasy does it. - Take anti-motion sickness pills or seabands with you. They mostly come in handy which can be kept in your purse.
  • Detergent deterrent. - Mosquito bites are annoying. Dab a bit of liquid laundry soap on it. Not only will it stop the itching immediately, but the bite will go away in a day or two.
(to be continued)