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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Unique Trip Experiences to Switzerland

I haven't been to Switzerland yet, but I'm hoping someday my dream of visiting Switzerland will come true! I travel a lot in the US and doing all the itineraries as planned are all worth memorable.
It amazes me to know that there are lots of unique experiences to be done in Switzerland! Being a country of dramatic landscapes and with strong cultural influences, it must be a memorable experience to cherish.
Trip experiences can be enjoying and I believe it includes enjoying the culture of the country you are visiting as well.
Discover Swiss "Pearls" and you will be amazed that Switzerland has a lot of unique trip itineraries to enjoy. One of the activities worth doing that I would like best for example is to see the Grandstand View. I would also love to try the experience of doing the medieval papermaking. Just in case, it would be the most unique and productive trip experience I have done in all my trips. It's nice doing an actual activity and at the same time learning the history behind it.
I am basically a nature lover and I love to visit and learn various histories of nature, and as I see it, Switzerland has a lot to offer for travellers.

Here are my top 5 picks of the activities I consider unique and worth enjoying when visiting Switzerland:

Grandstand View

Staring an elephant in the face

Medieval Papermaking

Learning About Our Neolithic Ancestors

Ghost Walk through Zurich

Switzerland has a lot of special things to consider when visiting. Discover those "gems" today!