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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Rhode Island - The Ocean State

Rhode Island is famous of its nickname as "The ocean State" or to some it's called "Little Rhody." It's the smallest state in the US with only 1,545 square miles including Narragansett Bay. It's name was derived for the Isle of Rhodes (in the Mediterranean Sea ) or for its red clay. Adriaen Block, a Dutch explorer perhaps named it "Rood Eylandt" which means Red Island in Dutch.

Although the state is small, there are lots of interesting places and scenic visits to see. If you are planning a trip and you plan to be driving mostly, prepare for those narrow, mostly one-way roads in Newport. I am not sure driving around Providence, but we were in Newport most of our visits, so that was an experience on our part. If you have your map, you won't get lost...remember, it's just a small area :).

Buildings of ancient architectural designs such as mansions and castles are plenty to visit. They are mostly in one area in Newport.You can either choose to walk while visiting the mansions one at a time, or you can drive.

Aaahhh! We had a wonderful time visiting different mansions!

(more on my next post...)