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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Disney's California Adventure - 3

Golden State:

  • Soarin' Over California
This ride is like a virtual reality. You get to sit in an open simulated airplane and then see a seem-like breath taking scenes of California. The scenes are in a big screen but looks like you're in it! :). It feels like you're really up in the open air, and soaring and swooping like an eagle! Gosh! Did I tell I'm scared of heights?...I closed my eyes most of the time. LOL!

  • Mission Tortilla Factory
This is fun thing to do if you love tortillas. You go take behind-the-scenes look at tortilla production. Of course, you'll always get a free taste! :).

  • The Bakery Tour
Another tour where you can watch as bakers create fresh sourdough bread before your eyes. With free taste of a freshly baked dough! :).