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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Marble House - Newport, RI

This is so far my favorite visit in seeing a mansion, - the Marble House. It was built in the 18th century and is one of the most extravagant summer house or "cottage" built for Mr. & Mrs. William Vanderbilt during America's Gilded Age, built in Newport, RI. The couple hiredRichard Morris Hunt as the builder and designer of the mansion.
Hunt was inspired with a neoclassic design and combined it with massive Corinthian columns, a 10-ton bronze, steel and crystal grille entranceway.

The main entry hall (as you can see above) is made entirely of yellow Sienna marble!

As you go along, you'll just run out of descriptions as you'll be amazed with the fully lavished designs all thorughout! If you want to visit, you can either opt to choose an audio tour for your convenience and learn the detailed history about Marble House.

NOTE: Strictly, photos are NOT allowed inside :(.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Rhode Island - The Ocean State

Rhode Island is famous of its nickname as "The ocean State" or to some it's called "Little Rhody." It's the smallest state in the US with only 1,545 square miles including Narragansett Bay. It's name was derived for the Isle of Rhodes (in the Mediterranean Sea ) or for its red clay. Adriaen Block, a Dutch explorer perhaps named it "Rood Eylandt" which means Red Island in Dutch.

Although the state is small, there are lots of interesting places and scenic visits to see. If you are planning a trip and you plan to be driving mostly, prepare for those narrow, mostly one-way roads in Newport. I am not sure driving around Providence, but we were in Newport most of our visits, so that was an experience on our part. If you have your map, you won't get lost...remember, it's just a small area :).

Buildings of ancient architectural designs such as mansions and castles are plenty to visit. They are mostly in one area in Newport.You can either choose to walk while visiting the mansions one at a time, or you can drive.

Aaahhh! We had a wonderful time visiting different mansions!

(more on my next post...)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Unique Trip Experiences to Switzerland

I haven't been to Switzerland yet, but I'm hoping someday my dream of visiting Switzerland will come true! I travel a lot in the US and doing all the itineraries as planned are all worth memorable.
It amazes me to know that there are lots of unique experiences to be done in Switzerland! Being a country of dramatic landscapes and with strong cultural influences, it must be a memorable experience to cherish.
Trip experiences can be enjoying and I believe it includes enjoying the culture of the country you are visiting as well.
Discover Swiss "Pearls" and you will be amazed that Switzerland has a lot of unique trip itineraries to enjoy. One of the activities worth doing that I would like best for example is to see the Grandstand View. I would also love to try the experience of doing the medieval papermaking. Just in case, it would be the most unique and productive trip experience I have done in all my trips. It's nice doing an actual activity and at the same time learning the history behind it.
I am basically a nature lover and I love to visit and learn various histories of nature, and as I see it, Switzerland has a lot to offer for travellers.

Here are my top 5 picks of the activities I consider unique and worth enjoying when visiting Switzerland:

Grandstand View

Staring an elephant in the face

Medieval Papermaking

Learning About Our Neolithic Ancestors

Ghost Walk through Zurich

Switzerland has a lot of special things to consider when visiting. Discover those "gems" today!


Sunday, August 9, 2009

Our Rhode Island Adventure

I know I'm a little bit behind sharing our trip to Rhode Island, couple weeks ago. Although, I'm a li'l bit delayed I would like to share some few to begin with. I will try to recall all the places that we visited later.

Anyway, the whole trip was a lot of fun. The only thing that was a bit of a hassle on our part was that the place where we were supposed to stay (Lady Victorian Inn), wasn't able to accomodate us due to the fact that the in keeper messed up the date. Instead of putting on the correct date, the record said it was on another month! Harry, (the inn keeper's name) was apologetic, and was able to recommend us a nice place (another inn), the Spring Season Inn few blocks away from their place.

We started our planned itinerary that same day we arrived...and the day was so sunny and warm! :). I will continue on my next post :).

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Disney's California Adventure - 3

Golden State:

  • Soarin' Over California
This ride is like a virtual reality. You get to sit in an open simulated airplane and then see a seem-like breath taking scenes of California. The scenes are in a big screen but looks like you're in it! :). It feels like you're really up in the open air, and soaring and swooping like an eagle! Gosh! Did I tell I'm scared of heights?...I closed my eyes most of the time. LOL!

  • Mission Tortilla Factory
This is fun thing to do if you love tortillas. You go take behind-the-scenes look at tortilla production. Of course, you'll always get a free taste! :).

  • The Bakery Tour
Another tour where you can watch as bakers create fresh sourdough bread before your eyes. With free taste of a freshly baked dough! :).

Sunday, August 2, 2009

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