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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Disney's California Adventure - 2

There are lot of things to do inside, but I would only be sharing my experiences to the attractions I went into.

Hollywood Pictures Backlot:

1. The Twilight Zone-Tower of Terror - I thought this would only be a regular elevator ride with ghostly effects...well, I like those things, but hubby and I didn't have the idea of sitting in that huge elevator and had a free fall of more than 100 feet down (3 times)! Take note: Be sure to wear that seat belt...or else, you would find yourself flying and hit yourself all around, LOL! My legs were shaking on that ride and I won't do it again!

2. Turtle Talk with Crush - Good place to take your kids. You'll get to see a turtle called "Crush" who talks with the kids. An interactive chat session for kids and Crush is just cute to see him talking to the kids. Humorous turtle too! :).

"Bug's Land:

3. It's tough to be a Bug! - This is a 3D show with the usual 3D glasses that they provide to watch the show. On the show, you also get to feel crawling "friendly" bugs under your seat...eeewww! But above all, it's fun! Nothing creepy!