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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Disney's California Adventure - 2

There are lot of things to do inside, but I would only be sharing my experiences to the attractions I went into.

Hollywood Pictures Backlot:

1. The Twilight Zone-Tower of Terror - I thought this would only be a regular elevator ride with ghostly effects...well, I like those things, but hubby and I didn't have the idea of sitting in that huge elevator and had a free fall of more than 100 feet down (3 times)! Take note: Be sure to wear that seat belt...or else, you would find yourself flying and hit yourself all around, LOL! My legs were shaking on that ride and I won't do it again!

2. Turtle Talk with Crush - Good place to take your kids. You'll get to see a turtle called "Crush" who talks with the kids. An interactive chat session for kids and Crush is just cute to see him talking to the kids. Humorous turtle too! :).

"Bug's Land:

3. It's tough to be a Bug! - This is a 3D show with the usual 3D glasses that they provide to watch the show. On the show, you also get to feel crawling "friendly" bugs under your seat...eeewww! But above all, it's fun! Nothing creepy!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

FREE Shows Online

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Disney's California Adventure - 1

December 9 & 12, 2008
We had visited Disney twice since our hotel (Doubletree) is close to the park in Anaheim, California. It was nice to be in the park (in another place, lol!) due to the fact that we frequented Disneyworld in Florida the previous years...much bigger. But nothing else is much different when it comes to Disney. It's always a good thing to become "child-like" once in a while :).

Honestly, we enjoy kiddie rides better than the roller coasters and other high thrill rides, LOL! I and my husband are scared of heights, although in my case, I would always want to overcome and try thrilling rides, which I would end up NOT doing it when I'm alone, hahaha...

More coming on my next post.

See ya'll!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Drive Safe This Summer

For drivers, whether you like it or not, the fact is that the biggest cause of fatal car accidents is driver distraction.
Talking on cell phones for example is considered dangerous, according to the National Highway Traffic Administration. During summer, drivers are most likely to make calls thinking driving conditions are fine and it's just okay to take their mind off the road.

Did you know that when you compare reflexes and response time of a driver on a cell phone with that of a drunk driver, those ones on the cell phones face worse? And another thing, it's even not a valid reason using headsets because they aren't any safer! Drivers are 4x more likely to get into car crash when they're on any phone, even a hands-free one.

It's because conversations can lead to "inattention blindness" in which you miss up to 50% of safety cues, like flashing brake lights on the car infront of you.

So, next time you're on the road, buckle up, stow your cell phone away, - and pull over if you must take a call. A trip delay is much more worth than losing your life! That makes sense, right?

Drive safe!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Auto Body Shops

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Lackawanna Coal Mine

A tour going underground! That's Lackawanna Coal Mine Tours in northeastern Pennsylvania. The tour begins with a 250-foot descent below the earth, through a mine car, once used by miners. You will be led by a tour guide to a one-half mile through the winding underground gangways and rock tunnel while explaining the mining geology, etc... The tour group will also experience the extreme darkness, the way the miners usually work.

The Anthracite Heritage Museum is located separately just next to mine in Mcdade Park. Here, more information will be learned about the history and the people in the region. The museum is open year-round, from 9AM to 5PM, Mon.-Sat. and noon to 5PM Sunday.

If you want to experience the Lackawanna Coal Mine Tours, it's an hour tour and are offered daily from 10AM-3PM frm April 1 to November. Or better yet, visit

Have fun!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Discover Philly (Part 2 )

The National Constitution Center is worth visiting in learning America's history. The center is made of impressive limestone complex in which the famous opening words of the US Constitution was engraved on its facade. This center was opened in 2003. One of the favorites is the Signer's Hall, where life-size bronze statues of the Constitution's 39 signers and 3 dissenters are displayed. You can even choose to sign or dissent :).

The Old World Charm can be your historic dreams. This continues at the Thomas Bond House built in 1769. This is the former home of the cofounder of the Pennsylvania Hospital which was being restored. With it are 12 guestrooms and decorated with period furniture and all feature views of Welcome Park.

Ride The Ducks Tour provides you an opportunity to relax and enjoy the scenery from a duck's eye view on a 70-minute ride on the river. Once aboard, you first cruise the streets of Philly before splashing into the Delaware River.

More has to be discovered as you go along. So, enjoy your historic vacation.

Happy July 4th!!!!