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Friday, June 5, 2009

White Water Rafting, Anyone?

They say it's wild but contained...haven't tried white water rafting and I don't plan to do it in the future, LOL!
But for those who love a much more unique white water rafting, visit Maryland's Adventure SPorts Center International. In the westernmost corner of Maryland, is the nation's first recirculating mountaintop white-water course.
Can you imagine driving to the top of the mountain just to paddle down a river?

If you go, the white-water season opens in late April through mid-October, with various festivals and competitions featured on weekends.

The Maryland Adventure Sports Center International (ASCI) is overlooking Deep Creek Lake atop the 3,110 ft.-high Marsh mountain, known as the home of the Wisp Ski Resort, putting millions of gallons of lake water in Wisp's snow-making ponds to use in a wild water ride that gives its own thrills after winter melts away.

If you love this sport, expect to go there and be wet. Helmets, life vests and paddles are provided. A guide will take care of the rest.

So, are you a risk taker?