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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Coping Up!

I admit I am running behind my posts nowadays. After our long trip from the Philippines, there has been so many things to be done and many thing to take care of here at home and in the Philippines. I have been becoming too busy nowadays that I coudln't even afford to visit and update my blog anymore...but I won't give up LOL!
On the other side of the news, it was sad that we can't be on the road more often anymore. My hubby no longer has trip opportunities for symposiums which means no more trips for me as well, lol! If ever we have one, it would only be a long needed vacation to the Philippines. Meanwhile, we both agreed to rest for a while from our trips since we are buying a house in the Philippines. We are saving so, no trip expenses until the house would be completely payed...well, there might be trip plans but will be rare.
I still can get the chance to share my trip experiences in the Philippines from time to time :).

Anyway, I am excited for our upcoming house we are getting...a place we call our home! :).