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Friday, May 29, 2009

Your Radiator Hotline

If you are in need of help finding the right radiator for your Dodge, check Dodge Radiator is just easy to find when you shop online at whether you are looking for a stock or replacement radiator, or an upgrade for your sedan, or replacement for your truck or van, - they all have it! is considered to be a radiator hotline online. If you need help, you can even ask your queries online and their helpful mechanic experts are willing to assist you all throughout. Not only that. They also offer a complete auto and car part inventory at wholesale prices which includes car lights, mirrors, bumpers, body parts, etc...
You can further contact them for more information on Dodge radiators, cooling systems or maintenance as well.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Finding a Good Technician

So how do you find a good mechanic? The ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) offers these additional tips on finding a good mechanic:
  • Start shopping for a repair facility before you need one. You can make better decisions when you are not rushed or in a panic.
  • Ask friends and associates for recommendations. Even in this high-tech era, old-fashioned word-of-mouth reputation is valuable.
  • Check with local consumer organizations about the reputation of any business you're considering, Inquire about complaints and the rate of resolution of complaints.
  • Think in advance about how you'll get to and from the shop when dropping off and picking up your vehicle. This way, you can avoid having to choose a shop based solely on location.
  • Look for shops displaying industry and Better Business Bureau membership, awards, repair rates and modern equipment.
  • Once you've chosen a shop, ask if they offer written estimates and warranties on repairs.
  • If you're having car problems, make specific notes, about sounds, odors, acceleration or mileage changes and when problems occur. Also note if they're constant or periodic, at what speed they happen and whether the vehicle is cold or warm, etc...,so you can present as much information as possible to your technician.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Weekender in Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic, a sun-kissed island glued to Haiti, is fast becoming a hot Carribean getaway. On the southern coast is the bustling metropolis of Santo Domingo; to the east is Punta Cana, a resort hub where cheap all - inclusive tours abound. For unreal eco-adventures, head north to Puerto Plata and Cabarete.

SLEEP. Feel free to crash at Maxim Bungalows ( at Juan Dolio and Cofresi beach. These breath taking resorts feature 5 star amenities like lavish suites, resort wide wi-fi, and a 17,000 sq. foot spa. You can take a chauffeur-driven SUV to the Carribean's best golf courses or charter Maxim's own 54-foot yacht, Independence, for private open-water parties or stop at Castaway Beach, a secluded nook perfect for snorkeling and barbecuing.

DRINK. Locals and tourists alike flock to Punta Cana's Occidental Grand Hotel for Mangu' Disco (800-858-2258), a dance den featuring fire eaters and thumping house music. In Cabarete Beach, you can hang ten with the surfer set at Onno's bar (809-571-0461), then down pina coladas all night at the popular open-air bar Lax (809-710-0569).

EAT. Don't leave Santo Domingo until you've tried the sancocho (a hearty stew of meat, sweet potatoes, and cassava root) at El Conuco (809-686-0129). Big night out? Recharge with mango smoothies and burgers at EZE bar & Restaurant in Cabarete Beach (809-880-8779), then dine on ceviche and curried fish at Natura Cabanas (809-858-5822).

Friday, May 22, 2009

Manila Ocean Park

April 19, '09

As a treat, we took the kids to the park. The park is located just behind Quirino Grandstand, Luneta, Manila. Our hotel was just close to the area (Swagman Hotel) just along the corner of Flores St. and Roxas Blvd. The admission fee is 400 Php for adults and 350 Php for kids. The fun will start at the oceanarium.

The Oceanarium is considered to be a large educational facility aimed at inculcating love for the environment both for the young and old. It contains vital information on climate change and global warming as well as its effects on marine biodiversity.

The oceanarium journey:

The facility is divided into 7 parts;
1. Agos (The Flow)
2. Bahura (Reef)
3. Laot (Fishing ground)
4. Buhay na Karagatan (The Living ocean)
5. Ang Kalaliman (The Deep)
6. Pagi (Stingray)
7. Pating (Shark)

In addition to, a multi-media facility is included mostly for kids where they can do colorings, paintings or interactive learning.

At the 2nd floor is called the Fish Spa where you can catch the view of the ocean or the shark viewing area.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

10 Grand Contest

If you are a Charter customer, you might be one lucky customer to be rewarded. Charter Cable is giving away $10,000 prize for one lucky customer and four 52" HDTV's. Take note that this contest is open for those who uses Charter On Demand cable. If you are still looking for a digital cable service, why not check Charter On Demand from Charter. You can get as much as over 6,000 movies and shows to choose from and at least 1,000 movie titles that you can watch for free!

The Win 10 Grand Contest Page shows you the complete details on their homepage. The good thing here is you get the chance to play every week so you get more chances of winning! For the month of May, you answer the questions all for 4 weeks and enter for your chance to win BIG for the grandprize which is $10,000.

Every week, one 52" HDTV will be given to each for four lucky winners. Cool deals, huh? So, visit and check their contest page today and start answering the questions :).

Charter has been made more convenient for your updates that you want as well. Follow them at Charter’s Twitter Feed for regular updates. What else should you look for in a cable? Stick with Charter today!



Back Home From The Philippines!

It's been a week after we arrived from our long, exhausting trip from the Philippines. Of course, it's always been a long trip, but visiting a family is all worth it after all, don't you think?

This was one of the most memorable trip I had so far with my husband, seeing all my siblings complete.

It was an all summer out activity in the beach, plus big lunch and dinners. I am looking forward to share all these once I get settled. Besides, I have to dig more of our photos, as there are so many lol!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Best Web Hosting Sites

Honestly, this web hosting site has helped me choose my web host provider for my personal homepage. Currently, I am running three websites using one of the host providers on their list. So far, I got what I wanted - the features I need, and the price. It surely helped me reading the hosting reviews as well. It really helps reading the reviews of many users as these help you know what to avoid and what to expect.
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You can as well check some web hosting awards located on the left side corner of the page. These help you also choose as to what is best depending on the type of website you want to have whether a business or personal websites.
Do you want to be constantly updated about web hosting products, discussions, trends and news? Come check their blog. Some vital informations are being posted regularly.

Times Square Church

November 29, 2008 - NY Bus Tour

It was so cold when we reached New York in the morning. While walking along Broadway St., we happened to pass by Times Square Church. We got curious so we went inside to check it. We were greeted by a guy (a caretaker I guess) and my husband started asking about the church, building, pastors, etc... It was actually an opera house converted to a church. The artistic designs are still there so at a first glance, you won't think it's a church.

The history of this church is much more heart warming for me. It started all from Pastor David Wilkerson when he saw many lost souls wandering on the 42nd street of New York...pimps, drug addicts, pushers, prostitutes, etc. Being a man of God, his heart broke of what he saw, so that he looked up to God, wept and prayed about how can he help these lost souls get back to life. The answer was given...the Times Square Church was up.

Now, the church has over 8,000 people representing more than 100 different nationalities serving and praising God. It's an interdominational church so all people are welcome :). What a glorious start of the day for us. We felt we've been blessed to know one awesome place of worship and the house of God at the midst of a busy city. Nothing is impossible for God!

Rustic Furniture

Needing a furniture at home? I will be...soon :). These rustic furniture symbolize a stress free interior designs inside the home. It's kinda like you are always in communed with nature, inside your home. Besides, when you check on these furniture, they have unique designs making your home more environmental.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Death Valley National Park

I don't know why they call this park death valley, but this long, thin valley is North America's lowest and driest place yet alos one of the most fascinating. Winter is mild, spring brings out spectacular flowers, while summer provides bragging rights for those who experience the desert heat!
In warm months, daytime temperatures frequently top 100 degress. It went even as high as 134 degrees fahrenheit at the aptly named Furnace Creek - just 2 degrees shy of a later world record in the Sahara Desert.
This national park has 3.3 million acres of deserts and mountains located on the border between California and Nevada. It has bone-dry salt pans, shifting sand dunes, wind-scoured canyons and giant alluvial fans resembling rock rivers tumbling onto the arid valley floor. Death Valley is North America's lowest spot at Badwater Basin, 282 feet below sea level, the driest place averaging less than 2 inches of rain a year.
It must be an interesting place to visit. I am curious about getting its history and getting to see what's in there. Maybe someday :).

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Coping Up!

I admit I am running behind my posts nowadays. After our long trip from the Philippines, there has been so many things to be done and many thing to take care of here at home and in the Philippines. I have been becoming too busy nowadays that I coudln't even afford to visit and update my blog anymore...but I won't give up LOL!
On the other side of the news, it was sad that we can't be on the road more often anymore. My hubby no longer has trip opportunities for symposiums which means no more trips for me as well, lol! If ever we have one, it would only be a long needed vacation to the Philippines. Meanwhile, we both agreed to rest for a while from our trips since we are buying a house in the Philippines. We are saving so, no trip expenses until the house would be completely payed...well, there might be trip plans but will be rare.
I still can get the chance to share my trip experiences in the Philippines from time to time :).

Anyway, I am excited for our upcoming house we are getting...a place we call our home! :).

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Rainy Manila

As of this date, we are still in the Philippines. It's been a lot of rain here since we came. Many say it's too early rainy season for a summer LOL! But the good thing is we didn't experience so much heat as what we had last 2007. It was cooler and only in the 80'sF instead of in the 90'sF as what we expected.

Anyway, rainy or sunny, we are still having fun, being with our family as well as meeting some friends. Whew! We had been busy every day for our scheduled activities but mostly for fun! Ha! Isn't it cool just being busy meeting loved ones everyday? LOL!

So much activities to be shared! Later!