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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Isle Royale National Park

On the northwest corner of Lake Superior accessible only by boat or floatplane is the nation's least-visited national park, - the Isle Royale National Park. This park is relatively untouched by outside influences, an isolated swath of primitive wilderness and is the home to the world's longest-running wildlife study.

During its 3 month summer season, this uninhabited archipelago attracts only about 17,000 visitors on a busy weekend.

From Copper Harbor to the island, you will take a 6-hour ferry ride where you will be greeted by a park ranger upon your arrival. One important thing to remember: Leave what you find and take out what you bring in. Why? The island's biggest attractions: wolves! Researchers also believe that moose arrived about 1900, probably by swimming a 20-mile wide channel from Canada.

Because of the park's self contained ecosystem, researchers considered the park as the longest-running predator-prey study in the world to date.

hhhmmm...interesting park!