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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bristol Renaissance Fair

Aug. 30, 2008

This was one of our most memorable trip visiting our family in Illinois. Our weekend trip was spent going to Kenosha, Wisconsin which is a little of more than an hour drive from Niles, IL.

We visited the Bristol Renaissance Fair there. This fair opens in summer only (in Wisconsin) so when we got there, it was the last day! :).

A fairy on the tree! (She's real beautifully painted!)

Renaissance Fair such as this has been opened for more than 21 years where nearly 31 million guests get the chance to go back to a time when knights were noble, maids were merry, and turkey legs were titanic! - it's where you get to party like it's the year 1599! Wanna experience being in the 15th century? Well... this will be the world you'll get into :).

Am about to eat the titanic turkey leg! :)

The whole gang!

The parade and the performances

You can experience various activities inside such as entertainment, food, games, at least 100 free things to do as well!

We had a blast!...I and my husband enjoyed the fun with our family group.