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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Isle Royale National Park

On the northwest corner of Lake Superior accessible only by boat or floatplane is the nation's least-visited national park, - the Isle Royale National Park. This park is relatively untouched by outside influences, an isolated swath of primitive wilderness and is the home to the world's longest-running wildlife study.

During its 3 month summer season, this uninhabited archipelago attracts only about 17,000 visitors on a busy weekend.

From Copper Harbor to the island, you will take a 6-hour ferry ride where you will be greeted by a park ranger upon your arrival. One important thing to remember: Leave what you find and take out what you bring in. Why? The island's biggest attractions: wolves! Researchers also believe that moose arrived about 1900, probably by swimming a 20-mile wide channel from Canada.

Because of the park's self contained ecosystem, researchers considered the park as the longest-running predator-prey study in the world to date.

hhhmmm...interesting park!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Acadia National Park

I haven't visited this park yet, and one target list for me for a trip would be to visit Maine. I haven't visited this State yet, but now I have the reason to go there...see Acadia National Park.
I think I will love the place. I have been hearing and reading reviews from travellers coming from the park, and they were all positive :).

One of America's smallest and most popular national parks, it would be an awesome experience communing with nature - overlooking ocean beaches, deep-blue lakes, remote islands, towering evergreens, seeing the postcard-effect lighthouse and the tallest mountain on the east coast, etc...what more can you ask for being with nature and enjoying its beauty?

Well, I look forward to this itinerary someday, the day when I will be stepping the island of Maine :).

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Lake Geneva, WI

The birthday girl, cousin Pearl

Me and cousins before dinner time

Hanging out beside the lake

After spending half of the day at the Renaissance Fair, we thought of driving to Lake Geneva, 45 minutes away from Kenosha.

I like the place - an ideal one to spend a worthwhile vacation during summer. This is the place to escape from the hustle and bustle of a busy city.

We only spent few hours hanging out beside the lake, but I discovered there are many things to enjoy being there. We thought of trying the lake cruise but we were not able to make it for their last trip. It was still worthwhile...we celebrated our cousin's birthday with a hearty dinner!


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bristol Renaissance Fair

Aug. 30, 2008

This was one of our most memorable trip visiting our family in Illinois. Our weekend trip was spent going to Kenosha, Wisconsin which is a little of more than an hour drive from Niles, IL.

We visited the Bristol Renaissance Fair there. This fair opens in summer only (in Wisconsin) so when we got there, it was the last day! :).

A fairy on the tree! (She's real beautifully painted!)

Renaissance Fair such as this has been opened for more than 21 years where nearly 31 million guests get the chance to go back to a time when knights were noble, maids were merry, and turkey legs were titanic! - it's where you get to party like it's the year 1599! Wanna experience being in the 15th century? Well... this will be the world you'll get into :).

Am about to eat the titanic turkey leg! :)

The whole gang!

The parade and the performances

You can experience various activities inside such as entertainment, food, games, at least 100 free things to do as well!

We had a blast!...I and my husband enjoyed the fun with our family group.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Clifton Hill, Canada

July 12, 2008 - We had one more extra free day, so we thought of visiting Clifton Hill, just 1 block away from the falls and Queen Victoria Park.
Clifton Hill is full of amusements and great attractions. Generally, it's being described as a big amusement park in Niagara that has rides, sports and more. Shopping areas are also in the area. there's a factory outlet there where you can buy cheap items including gold :).
If you love amusements and rides, one day might not be enough. Plan for at least 2 or more days at least.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Niagara Majestic Tours - Canada

July 11, 2008 - We started the tour early in the morning and boarded the bus. It was cloudy, and upon crossing the border, it started to rain. Our trip was rain or shine, so off we go. Our first stop was the Sir Adam Beck Hydro Power plant. For more than 4 decades, this is one of the largest hydroelectric facility of Ontario, and considered to be a natural,, non-polluting and reliable power source that has worked in harmony with the beauty of Niagara.

Then we proceeded to the most popular stop and a very unique attraction, the floral clock on Niagara Parkway. It also has an attractive feature - a 10-ft. wide water garden curving 85 feet around the base of the timepiece.

Then, we had a quick breakfast at Souvenir City, and at the same time did our early shopping souvenirs :).

The highlight of our tour was boarding the Maid of the Mist Boat Tour. Be sure to wear a comfortable clothing (don't wear any make up), and be prepared to get wet! LOL! You will be provided with a rain coat, so you won't be totally soaked!
We got the chance to get an awesome view of the falls by overlooking it through the top of Ramada Plaza on the 24th floor. Here, you can get as many photos and videos as you want, avoiding the crowd :).

Friday, April 3, 2009

Personalized Key Chains

I have some key chains but most of them are the ordinary ones. I have a couple of them that has my photos in it, but I do not use them so often because it's too small for me to see.
Actually, I receive mail offers from Vista Print. Couple of years ago, I was fascinated by their letterhead designs, so I got one set (personalized) which is what I am using ow for my letter correspondence. I have not seen about the key chains in the mail brochures they are sending me regularly, so I am just glad I saw this online :). While I am browsing their various designs, I felt of getting perhaps three personalized ones. Yes, once more I am returning as a customer because they have good quality and beautifully crafted designs. I still am loving my personalized letterheads from them, so since I use key chains, it's a good idea to have some in my purse or wallet :). I consider myself a regular customer of Vista Print so it's time to have my personalized key chains! I use key chains that I tag along on my purses. Since I got several kinds of keys (house, car, cabinets, drawers), I might as well organize and separate them with key chains, don't you think? Besides, I can get them as fancy as I like it to be, and most of all it's personalized. How cool is that?
It must be good to have custom keychains for easy retrieval of my keys. No more hassles in finding my car keys when I'm in a hurry mixed with many other ones.
I love to personalize my key chain with photos and text. I want to have my wedding photo (my husband and I together) on a floral designed template key chain with both our names on it and the date of our wedding at the bottom of it. This would be ideal for my house key. Another design would be a photo of myself with my name on it. I can just add anything depending on the design and shape I will choose.
Surprisingly, the price is so much affordable! It starts at $3.49 so, it's not bad getting at least two-three items with personalized touches. I even discovered it's much cheaper than those we buy at the store which are not even personalized! Well, what else can I say?....I just love Vista Print :).