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Friday, March 13, 2009

Boating & Alcohol Don't Mix

I think the title of this blog post speaks for itself, don't you think? And it's 100% true! When it comes to driving (and boating) or anything that involves operating moving vehicles/machines, drinking alcohol is always a bad idea. That means Boating and Alcohol Don't Mix. Agree? It's like the same thing when you say - "Don't drink and drive."
It is a sad thing to analyze though that many still refuse to listen and follow the golden rule not until they have bad accidents from driving drunk! Oh my, oh why? do they have to learn their lesson the hard way!

So before planning to have some fun with friends, perhaps you should stop for a while and try to get some vital information about boating safety and the prohibit use of alcohol before boating.

It must be of great help that the Arizona Game and Fish Department has been doing something helpful about this such as strict implementation of OUI (Operating Under the Influence) checkpoints ans saturation patrols, providing boating education classes, etc. Aren't we glad that the Arizona's lakes and rivers are being protected to save lives?
Boating Education has been approved by National Association of State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA) which includes general nautical information, various boat types, knot tying, anchoring, and many more. if you are interested to take the boating class, don't hesitate to call (623) 236-7325, or you can take the class online as well.

We can always have fun without alcohol, after all. If you can't stand having fun without it, forget about boating (and driving), stay home and drink all you can! LOL!