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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Trip to California

March 10-16, 2008 - Los, Angeles, CA

This is a late post but it's still worth sharing. While I was checking this blog, it was too late for me to discover, I haven't shared about our LA, California adventure so here it goes:

We were glad that the weather greeted us so fairly at Woodland Hills, where our hotel was located when we arrived 10-March, 2008. We then spent the rest of our time for dinner at Morton Steak House, just a block away from our hotel with our friend Janell.

As usual, I had my favorite menu - fillet mignon, well done, with a side of garlic green beans. LOL, afterwhich we were treated to a very yummy dessert - a specialty of Morton's!

I forgot the name of this one, but it was really super tasty!

Anyway, this was our first day. We had lots of enough time to take a rest the rest of the day. Well, after that heavy dinner, our sleep was sooooo good! :).