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Friday, February 27, 2009

Mexico Vacation

I am actually eyeing to visit Europe hopefully mid-months of next year, but on the other hand, I thought of wanting a mexico vacation late this year or early next year to see some beautiful beaches there. Besides, I always love to be in the tropics and just close to the water. I would always get a nostalgic feeeling seeing the white sand beaches. It made me curious when I came across the website of Karisma Hotels and resorts that offers inclusive vacation packages to Mexico and Cancun.

One thing as a good bonus on staying in the resort is about their "gourmet-inclusive" offer that makes the trip a worthwhile experience, talking about good dining experience. And there's much more...the resorts can be choices with beach front locations with a casual atmosphere, some secluded nooks, etc...And who doesn't love the hot tubs, the hammocks, massages coupled with a friendly service?

it must be a big WOW for travellers, huh?