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Monday, February 9, 2009

The Grand Canyon National Park (Part 2)

Exploring the Canyon on the North Rim:

Visitor Center
Guides, books, displays and rangers are available in this center to answer all your queries.

Food, Lodging and Camping.
You can drop by at the General Store which offers groceries and snacks. The Grand Canyon Lodge has some available dining and lodging offers. You can make reservations by calling 877-386-4383 or you can reserve online.

The national park service campground is available for campings which is open mid-May to mid-October. Peak season is in summer, so reservations are always highly recommended. There are other camping site options outside the park. Informations are provided on your Guide map.

Mule Trips and Other Tours.
Mule rides are offered along the rim or down the North Kaibab Trail daily. You can inquire at the Grand Canyon Trail Rides desk inside the Grand Canyon Lodge.
Rafting is also offered same as in the South Rim.


Santosh Nikam said...

good information about the park. Nice Post.