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Monday, January 5, 2009

The Glorious Crystal Cathedral - Part 1

The Crystal Cathedral is one of the most favoritely visited during our trip to Anaheim, California. Best of all, the tour is free :).
You can either choose to do the tour on your own, or have a tour guide with you which is also free. Tour guides are mostly church elder members of the church by whom they are very well knowledgeable of everything in and out of the cathedral.

Yes, you can really say Crystal Cathedral is a God-inspired garden situated on grounds where the Bible comes to life! The fact that biblical statues are scattered around the cathedral is a good place for many to experience the Bible in a more exciting way...
You can see famous Biblical persons in the form of rocks and bronze statues such as The 10 Commandments, Jesus Walking on the Water ("Peace be Still") and more.

World famous sculptors such as Henry Van Wolfe - sculptor of "The Good Shepherd" and Dallas Anderson's life-size white Vermont granite statue of Job did these work of arts on the grounds of Crystal Cathedral.

The inside of the cathedral is surprisingly awesome! You'll continously be awed by its unique structural designs as well. This is a good chance to learn more from your tour guide while you ask more questions about the building, their musical instruments, etc...

(to be continued)


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Amazing !