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Monday, January 19, 2009

The Glory of Christmas - Crystal Cathedral (Part 3 of 3)

It was such a perfect timing for us to visit Crystal Cathedral on December 11, 2008 because it was one of the days they were showing "The Glory of Christmas", - a stage play that comprised 15 acts narrating the story of the Holy Family until the Messiah was born and praised, done through singing, dancing and acting.
"The Glory of Christmas" had been an instant family tradition for 28 years which delighted and touched the hearts of over 3 million people who have witnessed it's remarkable story.
Cameras and video recordings are not allowed so take photos before the show starts. It was great to see those flying angels looked like they have wings floating on air! And real camels, horses, sheep, etc...have their own acts too! :).

Saturday, January 17, 2009

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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Glorious Crystal Cathedral - (Part 2)

I captured some photos around the garden while doing the tour. There are lots of them but these were the ones captured by our camera :).
"The Miracle of the Loaves and Fishes - Smiling Jesus" done in 1997. This is a monumental bronze sculpture done by Dr. John M. SOderberg, and a gift from Frank and Evelyn Freed.

"Joyful Jesus - I Found Him!" done in 2000. A monumental bronze sculpture by De L'Esprie and a gift from Bill and Elna Bryant. Beneath this classic piece is a limited burial space.

"Job" - done in 1983. That's me included in the photo...LOL! This life-size sculpture made of white Vermont granite is a work of art by Dallas Anderson. There's also a limited burial space available beneath this classic piece at the entrance to the Crystal Cathedral Memorial Gardens. This inspiring sculpture is available for inscription by a donor or a family who will be remembered for the ages.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Amusement Park’s Holiday Sale

I haven't been to New Jersey yet, but I must say thanks for this information that I recently got about Morey's Piers! I always love the water and the seashores, - the reason why I love the summer as well :).
It might be a good idea to go for a Jersey Shore beach Vacation this summer. For sure, I and my husband won't miss this opportunity :).
Have you heard about Morey's Piers yet? I bet for those who love to enjoy their vacation in the water, you wouldn't regret visiting this place. Besides having fun at the beachfront water park, you can further enjoy rides, roller coasters and more attractions. Morey's Piers is the largest amusement piers in the world! The fact that it also includes two large beachfront waterparks makes this destination a popular and the best attraction in New Jersey.
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Morey's Piers is also currently offering annual holiday sale for tickets and season passes. This promo offer will be ending soon, so better hurry! You can get big discounts as high as nearly 40% discounts. When it comes to finding your hotels and motels in Wildwood, check Morey's Piers - a great place for your next New Jersey vacation.

The Glorious Crystal Cathedral - Part 1

The Crystal Cathedral is one of the most favoritely visited during our trip to Anaheim, California. Best of all, the tour is free :).
You can either choose to do the tour on your own, or have a tour guide with you which is also free. Tour guides are mostly church elder members of the church by whom they are very well knowledgeable of everything in and out of the cathedral.

Yes, you can really say Crystal Cathedral is a God-inspired garden situated on grounds where the Bible comes to life! The fact that biblical statues are scattered around the cathedral is a good place for many to experience the Bible in a more exciting way...
You can see famous Biblical persons in the form of rocks and bronze statues such as The 10 Commandments, Jesus Walking on the Water ("Peace be Still") and more.

World famous sculptors such as Henry Van Wolfe - sculptor of "The Good Shepherd" and Dallas Anderson's life-size white Vermont granite statue of Job did these work of arts on the grounds of Crystal Cathedral.

The inside of the cathedral is surprisingly awesome! You'll continously be awed by its unique structural designs as well. This is a good chance to learn more from your tour guide while you ask more questions about the building, their musical instruments, etc...

(to be continued)

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