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Saturday, December 20, 2008

The St. Paul's Chapel - New York (Part 1)

On November 29, 2008, I got the chance to visit St. Paul's Chapel. This chapel is so far Manhattan's oldest public building in continous use. There are long stories about this chapel that made itself a part of American and world book history when the 911 attack happened. There are so much things to be shared as well, but let me just share to you a poem by J. Chester Johnson that describes this chapel when that fateful day happened:

It stood. Not a window broken. Not a stone dislodged.
It stood when nothing else did.
It stood when terrorists brought September down.
It stood among myths. It stood among ruins.

To stand was its purpose, long lines prove that.
It stands, and around it now, a shrine of letters, poems, acrostics, litter of the heart.
It is the standing people want:
To grieve, serve and tend celebrate the lasting stone of St. Paul's Chapel.

And deep into its thick breath, the largest banner fittingly from Oklahoma climbs heavenward with hands as stars, hands as stripes, hands as a flag;
and a rescuer reaches for a stuffed toy to collect a touch;
and George Washington's pew doesn't go unused.

Charity fills a hole or two.

It stood in place of other sorts.
It stood when nothing else could.
The great had fallen, as the brute hardware came down.

It stood.