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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Leading Executive Recruiter

For those who are more or less involved in the world of recruitment, perhaps many of you have already heard about Dennis Carey. But for those who are not familiar about him, Mr. Carey has been considered the leading executive recruiter for CEOs and corporate directors for some of the largest companies in the world. Of course, being as such is not as easy as what you see or think. Recruiting involves deeper significant knowledge of identifying potential leaders that can achieve a company's complex goals. After all, the success or downfall of a certain company greatly depends on the quality of those leaders of top-level management.
Dennis Carey carries this expertise. He has been developing impressive records of achievements while conducting searches for leaders of several companies such as American Standard, Tyco International, 3M, MCI and many more.
Various achievements and several high ranking positions have been delegated to Mr. Carey, being a highly educated profile in his own chosen field. For more information, you can check some given links at the bottom of the given link provided on this post.