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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Photography Strategies

For many travelers, snapping pictures is as essential as carrying a passport. Here are at least 6 tips that will enhance your skills in taking your photographs on your next trip.
  1. Get Up Close. - Try to create an intimacy and closeness with your subject. The first seconds are always the most spontaneous-sometimes the person is uncomfortable or tense - but after a few frames, he will usually regain composure and relax. All of these emotions come through in the image.
  2. Try Low Light. - Taking pictures after sunset without a flash requires that you steady your camera - you can place it on a piece of furniture or even atop a pint of beer. Even if the sky looks dark, there is more light in it than you might think. Combined with the glow of streetlights, the result is dramatic, surreal effect.
  3. Look For Humor. - Try getting interested in being a mischievous ironist. There are funny situations to be found all over the world.
  4. Pay Attention to Scale. - Scale can help you tell a story.
  5. Catch People in Motion. - A little blur of movement helps create a lively atmosphere.
  6. Find An Unusual Vantage Point. - You can gain tremendous perspective and can concentrate a lot of information into a single photo.