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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Hershey's Great American Chocolate Tour (Pat 2)

This is a free tour where you will be sitting on a moving mini train and witness how chocolates are being made through a simulated Hershey's Chocolate factory. Be prepared to get hungry as you'll see, feel and hear the delicious transformation from a chocolate bean to milk chocolates. It's fun and informative.
After the tour, you'll be given FREE hershey candy samples! {drools} :)).

Here's a slide show of our tour inside the simulated chocolate factory.

If you love shopping then, you can go drop by Hershey's Marketplace Shops. Mostly, things there are of hershey's brand confectionaries, candies, fudge, and cookies.

If you get hungry, food court are just around so close inside the park. We love many foods there...and of course, "sweets are always everywhere :).

Have fun!