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Thursday, October 2, 2008

French Quarter Self-Guided Walking Tour(Part 1) - A Repost

December 5, 2007

We did a short walking tour this afternoon at French Quarter here in New Orleans, Louisiana. And yes, so far this is the only state I’ve been so far with banana trees well growing in the coming winter :))

Other photos taken of me while walking along the street are below. New Orleans is well known for its jazzy music where many musicians play on the city streets. These people have great musical talents, but I’m just wondering if they can live with just a meager income in doing these…

Notice the balcony on top of the building? These are widely seen when you walk on the streets. I think this became popular because of the famous mardi gras celebration that they usually do. There are several designs of it which make them fancy to look at. There’s not much to see on the sidestreets though, except for some antique collection shops, galleries, etc…

Notice this guy? This is not a statue. At a first glance you would think he is a statue. It was funny when I just went close to him and it startled me when I saw his eyes moving, lol! Then, I analyzed he is a real human being trapped in a statues’ body!!! hahaha…that’s what he does for living.