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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hershey's Chocolate World Tour (Part 1)

If you think you can only have fun buying and eating chocolates, (particularly Hershey's) - you're wrong! You can have more fun with a lot of "sweets" in the air, with a lot of things to see and hear about Hershey's chocolates.
If you love chocolates (my hubby does), then go visit Hershey's Chocolate World, located in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Hershey's Chocolate World is the official corporate visitor's center of the Hershey Company.
If you live further away, you need to start your trip earlier in the day. We are an hour and 48 minutes away, so we left earlier :). There is a parking fee for a certain number of hours. Less than 2 hours is FREE, and if you had more than that, payment will be charged as you take your exit from the park.

Watch the Big 3D Show. it's stunning! If you have kids, they will love it. This is an animated 3-D musical adventure as Hershey's product characters virtually jump off the big screen and come to life. Surprising in-theater effects are always added. We love the chocolate aroma in the air. Who knows? You'll also be catching some real chocolates too ;).

Hershey Trolley Works is totally entertaining! You will get the chance to ride on an old fashioned trolley car as you go around the Hershey community. It's all about the inspirational legacy of Mr. Hershey that will be unfolded through a unique entertainment experience. Do you love to sing? Well, you will be singing with your tour guide(s) as well. Fun!
Here are some of the photos we took during our tour experience:
Our good looking tour guides

More photos:

The House of Milton Hershey

...and more residential houses of the Hershey Family

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Bible Verse That Inspires Me in Life

Living a christian life is not as easy as most would think. Why? The more we are close to the Word, the more we are vulnerable to the devil's attacks. But faith is our very strong foundation to protect ourselves from these attacks. That faith should be constantly supported by reading the Scriptures.
My Bible motto in life is found in Philippians 4:6-7. (verse 6)"Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; (v.7) and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus."
We all experience anxieties in life, but if we let God take care of our concerns who has the power and the wisdom to take care of them, the opposite occurs, and we begin to see the world as God sees it.
Some people are still badly affected by anxieties and worries it's because perhaps they haven't met their Lord and Savior...Jesus Christ, or perhaps, the faith needs to be strengthened. As Christians, we need to help them by reaching their weakened faith and help them strengthen it by letting them go back to the right path from being lost. Nowadays, with the fast improvement of technology, one way of sharing God's promises are through Cinemeetings and Events. Find out more about the facts of these events and what it can do. In fact, there will be a first-ever annual Theatre Church Conference that will happen in Silver Spring, MD coming October 22-23,2008. Find out more as well about the Theater Church Conference event summary, where our church leaders and pastors will gather together to discuss further about the future of theatre worship.
Find out more details to get your driving directions for the event and as to how you can register online.
Prayers and peace be granted upon all of us in this event :).

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Historic Gettysburg, Pensylvania

Later in the day, we arrived and checked in at Eisenhower Hotel, approximately 4 miles south of downtown Gettysburg. I can say the hotel is really one of a kind...with a breathtaking view. The neighborhood is peaceful and quiet as it is more located in the countryside. You won't get bored because of the wide vicinity and spaceous garden surrounding the hotel, so much place for a walk if you're fond of doing it :).

If you love history, then Gettysburg is an ideal place to go to. Usually, it's always recommended to start your itinerary by visiting the Gettysburg Battle Theater to see the "experience". It is the most complete way to see and understand the Battle of Gettysburg. If you don't like dealing with history, it's not wise to go and'll get bored and sleepy! (My husband fell asleep inside the theater, LOL!).

But if you really love to become a historian, then you're on the right track. The highlight of the tour is to go on the Gettysburg Battlefield Bus Tours, which lasts for 2 hours. The tour will bring your senses with canons roaring, rifles crackling, with drums rolling, etc..through a dramatized audio tour while inside the bus.
If you prefer to do this kind of tour privately with your own car, you can purchase a CD for Auto Tape Tours which you can play it in your car and instructions would just guide you to where you should go.

There are more historic attractions to visit at Old Town Charm as well. Just visit the site online for a more complete information on tour itineraries and package plans.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Butterfly Award

Thanks a lot Richelle for this award. I received this one already, but it was on my other blog. So, this time, I'm proud to take this award for this blog. :). Thanks for the frequent visits too sis. For sure, sometime, I will have frequent visits on your blog a well. I know, I'm guilty right now, as I haven't been around these days to do my blog hops, LOL.

Anyway, this is a treasure for me...thanks a million from the bottom of my heart!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Be Part of Generation "I"

There's no other important and outstanding technology other than the iLasik procedure in terms of human eye care. It's so amazing how technology gets better as the days go through the world of modern era, particularly in the medical world of technology, don't you think? Today, iLasik procedure is one of the safest elective procedure in the world. And the good news is that it is now more affordable than you think with as low as $89 a month. Each and everyone deserves one easy way to better vision. It's time to know more about LASIK information, and you'll be surprised about how safely proven it is, fast and even virtually painless.
Did you know that LASIK technology has already been even used in NASA and the US military? Due to Lasik's safety and effectiveness, the Department of Defense and NASA have validated the fact that Lasik exceeds the established standards of proven safety and effectiveness. Lasik has been used to improve visions of personnel facing extreme and physical demanding conditions particularly those that work in NASA and the US military. In fact, for more than 5 years now, the US military and NASA increase the performance of those personnel involved in critical missions that use laser vision correction technologies, which have benefited many personnel and civilians alike. Visit for complete information.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Upcoming Trip

Hi all, couple of weeks to go before we'll be off to Boston! I am a bit excited to see Boston as I haven't been there yet. Although, I know it will be too cold for me that time, I will be well-prepared and well-wrapped :)).

We planned of doing the whale watching, so I think it will be fun.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Win a 2009 Civic Hybrid!

Now, this is what you call a give-away worth talking about! Do you want to win a brand new Honda Civic Hybrid worth $24,000? Who knows? You might be the lucky one! Interested? Here's how:
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This give-away is referred to as the "Save Green, Go green Giveaway." And here are the WOW features of your future brand new car:
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French Quarter Self-Guided Walking Tour (Part 2) - A Repost

I became curious about Moonwalk, so we moved further until we reached Cafe du Monde. It’s a french coffee shop, so without a word, hubby was pulling me going inside and we ended up ordering a coffee and 6 pieces of beignets. He told me this is a famous coffee shop and well liked by almost anybody who would taste their french donuts (beignets) as well as the coffee. My hubby is a coffee lover, so I won’t wonder. I tried getting an ice decaf coffee and it’s sooo bitter…hehehe.

Hubby with the beignets (ben-yeys). He loves eating them. I ate one he ate!

We spent few minutes sitting on the bench along moonwalk park. The park faces the Missisipi River, it’s kinda like Manila Bay.

Below is a photo overlooking the Mississipi River.

There are some spots where you can relax along moonwalk overlooking the bay. Be sure to take an extra jacket with you. It's cool and breezy out there not unless you're in the summer time with the heat at its peak.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Power Steering Products For You!

One way of preventing car accidents is by having a good, high quality power steering installed on your car. It's just a good thing, the public can now access to the highest quality products of steering box and steering rack that dealers use. Best thing...they are affordable! And, no, you are not dreaming. Visit to see the products they offer. You will be happy you did :).

French Quarter Self-Guided Walking Tour(Part 1) - A Repost

December 5, 2007

We did a short walking tour this afternoon at French Quarter here in New Orleans, Louisiana. And yes, so far this is the only state I’ve been so far with banana trees well growing in the coming winter :))

Other photos taken of me while walking along the street are below. New Orleans is well known for its jazzy music where many musicians play on the city streets. These people have great musical talents, but I’m just wondering if they can live with just a meager income in doing these…

Notice the balcony on top of the building? These are widely seen when you walk on the streets. I think this became popular because of the famous mardi gras celebration that they usually do. There are several designs of it which make them fancy to look at. There’s not much to see on the sidestreets though, except for some antique collection shops, galleries, etc…

Notice this guy? This is not a statue. At a first glance you would think he is a statue. It was funny when I just went close to him and it startled me when I saw his eyes moving, lol! Then, I analyzed he is a real human being trapped in a statues’ body!!! hahaha…that’s what he does for living.