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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

ZIP Code Store Locator Service

Many business websites are now needing Store Locator to help more customers visit their store branches in many parts of the country. Thanks to ZipCodeWorld Store Locator Live which is now serving 1,089 companies with a total of 30,692 unique stores and still expanding. There are now 33 countries worldwide being supported by ZipCodeWorld which includes US and Canada.
The Store Locator is a free dealer locator service for all webmasters. The webmasters/designers don't need to worry about the programming codes and the overall system maintenance because these are all ready for display on your site in a matter of minutes with just a few simple steps. The Store Locator Live automatically generates HTML form on your site to help your customers find dealers, stores or locations closest to them through zip code. This service is being hosted live 24/7 in their server. All of the results reflect each location's distance from your customer and even include maps. All these absolutely free with only a display of a banner linking back to the website in return.
For programmers. the ZipCodeWorld Store Locator Live available in .NET and .PHP can easily be installed in your local servers. And the company also provides comprehensive Zip code and other postal code resources for US, Mexico and Canada.
Visit this site and receive your Store Locator service in just a few minutes - free! :).


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