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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Trace Those Calls...

Are you constanly annoyed by telemarketers or prankster calls? I do, and I got tons of them almost daily :(. My phone is not capable of tracing calls particularly if calls always reflect as "unknown". Sometimes, I couldn't be sure if those calls are from my family out of the country or just plain telemarketers hiding their identity.
Well, I'm considering having a reverse phone search added on my phone. Glad to know there's This might be helpful most importantly to those who receive prankster calls. It's perhaps one way to gather someone's hidden identity information. Of course, we always wanted to be secure even by just simply using our persona, private gadgets, - our phones. Reverse phone lookups for example, are helpful when you're wondering whose calls did you miss. Check on their area of coverage, and they got all of it!