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Monday, September 8, 2008

Reducing The Natural Effects of Aging

In today's modern world where busy men and women seems to be, skin is always the number one part of a human body being exposed to stress. The main reason why many of us should be aware of early skin symptoms of aging. And if there is one person who had gone a long way in helping reduce the natural effects of aging, the good works came from Dr. Chantal Burnison with the help of her Chantal Pharmaceuticals, which now carry the skin-rejuvenating molecule called Ethocyn. Tru Face Essence is a new product that is being carried by Nu Skin company. This product has an ethocyn in it which contains fibroblast cells that makes elastin. According to Dr. Burnison, our skin contains elastin that has the ability to stretch and snaps back into shape like a rubber band. The older we get, the elastin that our skin produces decreases. In this case, we produce wrinkled skin that is caused by fast aging process.
With a regular use of Tru Essence, it helps slow down the aging process.
There is no other skin care product in the world that can increase your skin's important elastin fiber content and quality compared to that of a 20 year old skin...only ethocyn can :). Ethocyn is medically proven and considered to be the medically published breakthrough ingredient. get the facts and try it today!