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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Auto Body Shops

Auto collision damages can be very expensive. So, be smart in finding one online to get the best estimates and therefore you can save more, right? If you are California-based, you can find local auto body shops online such as collision repair bellflower - Estorga's Collision Repair, located in Long Beach. They are considered to be a collision repair expert. Having a good record of costumer service makes them highly in demand to customers in need. Get to meet them to see it for yourself :).

Monday, September 29, 2008

Sears Tower Skydeck - Come View The World!

We did our tour going to Sears Tower Friday morning. (August 29, '08) The line was not long so we thought we can just get our tickets quick. We add some extra amount for our audio tour. It's not recommended to get the audio tour. It's just a given option. It was offered, so we got it :).

There is short movie about the Sears Tower before you go up, but again, it's an option for you whether to watch it or not. We chose to watch it. A little bit of history always helps.

Going up is through elevators that move as fast as 1,600 feet (488 meters) per minute. You will be reaching hundredth? floor. I had a hard time recalling what floor were we! LOL!

Anyway, once you're on top, there will be 4 viewing spots; South, East, North and West Wings. When you are doing the audio tour, you can get a lot of good historical backgrounds of the buildings and landmarks surrounding it.

While it is no longer the tallest building in the world, it remains one of the true wonders of the modern world and the only way to get to the top of it is The Sears Tower Skydeck!

Hop in the elevators and get up there....view the world. I did! ;)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Trace Those Calls...

Are you constanly annoyed by telemarketers or prankster calls? I do, and I got tons of them almost daily :(. My phone is not capable of tracing calls particularly if calls always reflect as "unknown". Sometimes, I couldn't be sure if those calls are from my family out of the country or just plain telemarketers hiding their identity.
Well, I'm considering having a reverse phone search added on my phone. Glad to know there's This might be helpful most importantly to those who receive prankster calls. It's perhaps one way to gather someone's hidden identity information. Of course, we always wanted to be secure even by just simply using our persona, private gadgets, - our phones. Reverse phone lookups for example, are helpful when you're wondering whose calls did you miss. Check on their area of coverage, and they got all of it!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A short visit to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

This was an unexpected itinerary because our cousins just decided to go there at the spur of the moment. It was like an hour drive from Kenosha where the Bristol Renaissance Faire was. Although the drive was longer, it was a scenic drive, passing through a countryside. How I wish I captured photos along the way, but I was somewhat tired from the long walk from the Renaissance Faire. I was glad hubby didn't doze off while driving as well. I guess we both enjoyed the view ;).

Lake Geneva is stunning. We tried to catch up for the boat tour, but we missed the last trip (5pm). There are so much things to do there, as there are shops, restaurants, parks and charter/boat tours. We are looking forward we can go back there for more sightseeings. Love the place! It's always been so good to be with family relatives as well.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Reducing The Natural Effects of Aging

In today's modern world where busy men and women seems to be, skin is always the number one part of a human body being exposed to stress. The main reason why many of us should be aware of early skin symptoms of aging. And if there is one person who had gone a long way in helping reduce the natural effects of aging, the good works came from Dr. Chantal Burnison with the help of her Chantal Pharmaceuticals, which now carry the skin-rejuvenating molecule called Ethocyn. Tru Face Essence is a new product that is being carried by Nu Skin company. This product has an ethocyn in it which contains fibroblast cells that makes elastin. According to Dr. Burnison, our skin contains elastin that has the ability to stretch and snaps back into shape like a rubber band. The older we get, the elastin that our skin produces decreases. In this case, we produce wrinkled skin that is caused by fast aging process.
With a regular use of Tru Essence, it helps slow down the aging process.
There is no other skin care product in the world that can increase your skin's important elastin fiber content and quality compared to that of a 20 year old skin...only ethocyn can :). Ethocyn is medically proven and considered to be the medically published breakthrough ingredient. get the facts and try it today!

Travel Updates

I'm guilty of being delayed in my posts these days. We just came from our wonderful trip in Illinois with my family. We did a side trip going to Wisconsin as well and visited Lake Geneva and the Renaissance Faire in Kenosha which only was until September 1. We were lucky to visit the faire and it was full of fun!

We also are glad to announce that our upcoming trip will be next month and this time it will be in Boston. It will be cooler up there since it will be an early fall. But we always look forward for a nice weather.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

ZIP Code Store Locator Service

Many business websites are now needing Store Locator to help more customers visit their store branches in many parts of the country. Thanks to ZipCodeWorld Store Locator Live which is now serving 1,089 companies with a total of 30,692 unique stores and still expanding. There are now 33 countries worldwide being supported by ZipCodeWorld which includes US and Canada.
The Store Locator is a free dealer locator service for all webmasters. The webmasters/designers don't need to worry about the programming codes and the overall system maintenance because these are all ready for display on your site in a matter of minutes with just a few simple steps. The Store Locator Live automatically generates HTML form on your site to help your customers find dealers, stores or locations closest to them through zip code. This service is being hosted live 24/7 in their server. All of the results reflect each location's distance from your customer and even include maps. All these absolutely free with only a display of a banner linking back to the website in return.
For programmers. the ZipCodeWorld Store Locator Live available in .NET and .PHP can easily be installed in your local servers. And the company also provides comprehensive Zip code and other postal code resources for US, Mexico and Canada.
Visit this site and receive your Store Locator service in just a few minutes - free! :).

I made it to the top! - Space Needle Tour in Seattle

Space Needle in Seattle is one of the biggest landmarks in the city. It is considered as the prime spot of sightseeing. Going to the top takes 43 seconds through an elevator to the observation deck. The deck is as high as 520 feet from which you can see the Elliot Bay, Downtown Seattle, Mount Rainier and the Cascades, as well as the Islands in the sound and the Olympics beyond.Telescopes are as well available for zooming in sights that are far to see. The deck is a 360 degrees view so you get all the chance to view the North, South, West and East wings. Food is abundant up there as they have restaurants and food shops on the deck, and the souvenir shops are located at the ground floor before you take your exit from the top.

I made it to the top! :)