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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Are you getting ready to travel this summer?

I travel a lot and I am probably one of those witnesses in which today, many airlines do not provide blankets and pillows inside the plane anymore. Domestic flights as well as international flights which are even longer trips mostly don't offer blankets and pillows, not unless perhaps it is urgently requested.
When I saw about the Cabin Cuddler, I thought of it as worth posting and since I travel a lot, I am thinking of considering this in buying it...why not? I am thinking I can use it when I will travel back home to the Philippines. Just imagine yourself without something else to cover your body for 14 long hours on that plane? That's horrible!
For just an affordable price, Cabin Cuddler is a 6-in-1 travel blanket and pillow made from hypo allergenic material and has an inflatable pillow that can be easily blown up as a balloon. It also has a foot pocket and shoulder wrap that keeps the body warm, just perfect for airplane or car trips or just for home use. Good thing to think about when having this is that you don't need to worry about sanitary issues becuse you own it ;).
Here's the good catch. If you buy two or more items, you can avail of the free shipping service if you either live in the US, Hawaii and Alaska. Grab one now!

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Our Short Trip To Camden, New Jersey

June 9, 2008 -

This was actually an unexpected trip when we were in Philadelphia. Since hubby was free the entire afternoon, we jut realized we were close to New Jersey (Camden) which was 20 minutes away from Philadelphia.

The Camden Waterfront, overlooking the Philadelphia on the other side.

We went to Camden Waterfront where the Adventure Aquarium was. There were some shows worth watching we saw at IMAX theater there so we went. We didn't have much time to go around the aquarium. We were amused with the sleeping hippos, so that was the only poses we got ;).

There you go, in a matter of a short trip to the next neighborhood state, it was worth it ;).

It's hot outside, your car should be cold.

I know how it feels to be driving with no AC in the car. Well, our old car (now gone), used to. When the AC is turned on, the car overheats. I don't know why but that car really needed an overhaul :). Don't wait for that to happen. AC is very vital during summer days, right? If your car needs Air conditioning compressor, there is a complete one stop shop for all your AC Feel free to visit them and avail of their free shipping service.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Museum of Glass, Tacoma, WA

The Museum of Glass is located in downtown Tacoma at 1801 Dock Street, Tacoma, WA 98402. If you have your own car and have your own GPS system, it's much easier to go there.

If you love glass art, you might want to visit the Hot Shop and witness the art of live glassmaking. Take note that there are specific Hot Shop hours available.

For us, we missed the show since we arrived at the museum past the time it was held.

The Hot Shop Amphitheater - is made of 90-ft.tall stainless steel cone, 100ft. in diameter at its base and narrows to a 15 ft. opening.

The Arts (Glass Blowing):

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Maybe, it's time to visit them today and be fulfilled as one of those people who works for the uplifting of other people from poverty.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Underground Tour, Seatte

The tour starts with the introduction about the early history of Seattle as related by a well-versed historian tour host. The story is injected with some humor so you don't get bored :).

This tour has actually become one of the most famous talked-about attractions in Seattle.

I am not good in pretty remembering historic details, but to share you the basic idea about the tour, it's a place where you go under the ground (used to be an old city) below the current city of Seattle.

Of course, after the tour, you'll be taken to the exit passing by a gift shop, with a mini-museum that displays old artifacts used in the old days while the old city was still standing.
An old gown used to be worn by upper class women

What a fancy toilet bowl during those days :)

Caring Is Sharing

For a woman particularly in the prime of her life, it must be tough to think about the idea of the possibility of facing a serious illness in the future, or even the worst, - an idea that is not readily comes into mind to talk about. The fact that today, we are facing a difficult economy and we are on the road where tough and difficult problems meet us along the way, we tend to avoid everything that is worth planning for the future.
Take for example the people's health; - you, me, your family and loved ones, friends. We seem to hate talking about it, much more worst if it involves a life-threatening illness that strikes us. As a result, most of us would tend to avoid and forget about it, and never plan thinking about our health's future.
Let's face it, we are living in the modern age, where medical researches and technologies are getting more advanced.
Maybe it's time to know more about this revolutionary stem cell research and technology by C'elle. Perhaps, this topic might be controversial to many, or maybe sensitive to some, but hey, - we're talking about the possible good results of protecting and treating ourselves from the effect of deadly illnesses. This stem cell research by C'elle provides women with a safe and easy method of collecting and preserving stem cells found in women's menstrual fluid. These cells are processed and stored at a very low temperature for potential cellular therapies in the future and may even be used for sports, medicine and treatments as well as anti-aging therapies.
What most women don't know is that they possess the key to possibly treating some life-threatening diseases that their parents, siblings or even their kids as well as themselves may have in the future such as heart disease, osteoporosis, stroke, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases. That key is in their own body - in vital stem cells which can now be collected from women's menstrual blood.
Still having doubts and questions? The C'elle Client Testimonial video would at least give you a glimpse and can help guide you on what to do further. From there, you will also get the chance to know more about C'elle, the research, etc...
Don't you think it's time to enable ourselves to take control not only our own future health but as well as our family's health?

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Exploring Niagara Falls

We started the day going to Niagara Falls State Park (New York), which was just 20 minutes from our hotel. There are lots of parking spaces in front of the Gateway to The Falls Building but may be a little bit challenging to find a parking spot during the weekends. From the parking, it's a walking distance (about 5 minutes walk) going to the actual falls area. It is captivating.

At the other side of the falls is the Canada side, and only 25 miles away crossing the border.

Sharing you some of the photos while having fun at the falls. Plus some good shots of the beautiful sceneries.