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Monday, July 21, 2008

VIP City Tours (New Orleans) - LOUISIANA

Our tour started at 1pm that lasted for 2 hours. It started with the tour guide's introduction of the city of New Orleans...the birthplace of Jazz music! We went around the city's famous buildings and historical places. Not much photos to share in here since we're on mobile and had no chance to stop and go down to take photos. (If stops were allowed, then the tour might last 4-5 hours I guess, LOL!)

Then we proceeded to the devastated Lower Ninth Ward by hurricane katrina. I got a few photos plus a video clip while touring around. It was only at that time I had known that New Orleans is geographically in the lowlands, surrounded by marshlands and a bayou!...the main reason why the flood went as high as 8 feet.

The only stop that we did was at the St. louis cemetery #3, or widely known as "Cities of the Dead." There is a long story behind that and telling all about here would be a long chapter to be written, hehehe...anyway, if you're interested about the story, just google it, and read from there :)

Anyway, it was chilly that day! It just freezes my feet walking. So I just feel lazy walking and not much of going around by foot.