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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Exploring Boracay's Nature

Boracay Beach has been one of the most famously visited beach located in the western part of the Visayas, Philippines. Tourists swarm in during the peak season including foreigners.
For me this was my second visit after 10 years! A lot of big difference! There are many hotels in the island and we were able to get a good one at Pearl of the Pacific. We got a good room as well!

There are actually nice places to visit around the island if you're a nature seeker. We tried the butterfly garden, aside from the island hopping. Not much of them are there since they were still being hatched. There were also a group of bats that was there and hubby was able to get hold of him. Sorry, I wasn't convinced to hold the bat...I was freakingly scared! lol!...

Butterfly Garden:

Island Hopping:
It was very wavy so we only visited few spots. The crystal cove island was a bit far and there were only two of us in the boat plus 2 sailors. It was wavy and I just told them to return the boat back to the island. I don't wanna be risking our lives on that boat. Besides, it was already turning dark it was about to rain that time.Some shots: