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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Amazing Domestic Seafood Recipe

I would always love eating! :) least even my husband would tell me, eating is my hobby. Well, I agree with him :).
When it comes to seafoods, I love shrimps the most! Any kind of cooking will do. And talking about a very simple domestic seafood dish that I would like to create and eat, I would love it a grilled shrimp with a garlic sauce on it! I can then pair it with rice mixed with vegetables. Now, that's what you call a hearty meal! lol!
As long as it is shrimp, I would love to cook it in any variations, be it cooked plainly fried, it always looks mouth-watering to me. But I think the best pair for any cooked shrimp particularly if it's grilled or fried is the garlic sauce. Most people love garlic, if not all. A grilled shrimp with garlic sauce can actually be very ideal for a picnic party...I was a witness to that by the way, and I was one of those who feasted on those garlic grilled shrimps :).
I am always excited to witness the 5th Annual Great American Seafood Cook off in New Orleans on August 2 and 3. I am far from the event, so I am just wishing they can do it live on TV. I am sure everybody will never go starving watching the 14 chefs compete on stage with their action packed seafood specialties and the exciting must see event for guest chefs' cooking demonstrations. This event creates positiveness of domestic seafood sustainability. Well, who do you think will be the next King of American Seafood??...will it be from Maryland? :).


Tey said...

ahhh sound so delicious, I love seafoods and this is a very great info. Thanks for sharing and have a great day
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