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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Our Trip To Holy Land (Experience) ...

If you're thinking we were visiting Israel, nah!...thanks to The Holy Land Experience in Orlando, Florida. :).
Fresh from the airport, we decided to go directly to the place after a late lunch. The place was just 20 minutes away, so not bad for the driving. We arrived there at 2:45pm. We were just in time for the "Character Meet & Greet" where I got to meet Jesus-the actor. Although he's not the real one because we know there is only one Jesus, - it was like a big fulfillment for me to see him look like real. We then proceeded to Shofar Auditorium to watch the musical show presentation "Praise through Ages" (35 minutes).

“Praise Through the Ages” – a 35-minute show of artistic expressions of faith and worship down through the ages with presentations of great images of art works throughout history alternated with a live musical presentation with music from the oldest in history progressing to today’s musical songs and rythms, in the Shofar Auditorium. It was awesome and captivating. The singers and performers were all excellent!...worth watching. You can sing with them as well. How I wished I could get photos but it is strictly prohibited once you are inside.

The museum closes at 5PM, and so we were able to watch the last and considered to be the highlights of all the live shows there; a 20-minute passion drama called "Behold The Lamb"
Before the show, there is a 15 minute talk presentation at the Calvary’s Garden Tomb about the injustices of jesus' trial.
The passion drama shows the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ in a musical presentation. The actors and actresses sing live and they have great voices. I love their voices! I took some short video clips as well just to share you the idea on what the show is all about.
Video are a little bit blurry, bu I guess it is still recognizable. That is usually the case when you watch it for free! hehehe...

Opening - (with the song "Via Dolorosa") by Sandi Patti.
I am familiar with this song usually sung during the Lenten season.

The Crucifixion of Christ:
I actually spent long hours to edit this video because it was long. I can't seem to share it because the length is too much on my video streaming site :).

The resurrection:

Holy Land Experience is an ideal place for church group trips and tours or for family as well.
Some Photos of the Place and The Drama: