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Friday, June 27, 2008

Seven Falls, Colorado Springs

Seven Falls is just 10 minutes away from downtown Colorado. Did you know that this attraction is considered "The Grandest Mile of Scenery in Colorado?" This is as well close to Garden of the Gods...neighboring places, so if you're visiting Garden of the Gods, you can do visit the falls as well with just a minimal fee. Seven Falls is very colorful during the night, but it so happened when we visited the falls, it was daytime. But you can still see a dynamic view of the scenic mountains. You can go to the top via elevator where a 360 degree viewing camera is located. There is also a small shop there for your souvenirs if you want to buy some.

Just beside the falls is a a 224-step stairway that leads up to "Midnight Falls". I haven't tried this yet, but hopefully, we can go back there and try it :). Well, if you are considering this itinerary, visit SEVEN FALLS website.

Garden of The Gods - Colorado Springs

If you're planning a trip to visit this park/garden, it's all worth it. There's really a big difference when nature calls...the beauty is mesmerizing seeing the giant red rocks formed. There is so much to learn with the rocks. You can go further inside the park by driving seeing all those various forms of big rocks along the way. Then, you'll gonna see the beauty of the whole garden as well viewing from the side of the road.

You can further take a by foot tour in the garden. It needs a lot of walking, so be prepared to wear a comfortable shoes and necessary clothing protection depending on the weather. We were there last fall, and it was kinda chilly and sunny. If you love shopping, you can drop by at the gift shop for souvenirs at the Visitor and Nature Center gift shop. Have fun!

Visit Garden of the Gods website.

Friday, June 20, 2008

It's Tanning Time!

For those who love to tan themselves, perhaps many are still catching up for that sun in the beach, and sometimes it's just upsetting if the sun doesn't want to go out. Or worst if it rains! Whoa!'s time to go to indoor tanning salon, right? So, now you've got to drive somewhere else to find one. Then, you miss your turn or exit, and ending up driving around the road with the tanning salon nowhere to be found! That sucks! don't you think?
Why stuck yourself on the road and get lost because you are not sure about the place while trying to find a tanning salon. might be a solution for your tanning needs. You just need to visit the site online and all will be there for you. Suntanning is an all-in-one complete tanning directory with huge listings of where you can find your tanning salon in all the states of the US. By just using the search feature, you can locate your salon quick and easy. You can as well find your tanning lotion products to shop online with even big discounts. No sweat, right? Just keep browsing there and you can have more :).

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Task Management Software

Good teamwork is very essential to success. In today's workplace, there are at least four types of generations that are employed side by side, making each team member quite challenging to put them together as a group because of their diverse motivations and loyalties. This is one big tough challenge a manager of today faces. The manager has to consider who are the Matures, the Boomers, Xers, and Millennials. Imagine yourself letting all of them work as a group without any proper management and you'll end up nowhere! In this case, a reliable task management software is needed to help you level the playing field for all these type of workers and your company will be moving on to the next level of productivity. Pelotonics might be the exact type of management software that you need which is also a group collaboration software. Through this, you can quickly organize, and collaborate with your co-workers online by using To-Do Lists, Messaging, Milestones, File Sharing, and Time tracking to keep everybody else in the group on the same page.
You can try the software for 30 days, then from there you can choose which plan suits you. At Pelotonics, you can organize, collaborate and succeed!

Nobu Dining at San Diego

There are so much things to do and enjoy in San Diego. Many popular attractions such as theme parks, entertainments, zoos, botanical gardens, shopping malls, etc...are mostly the top ones, but if you love dining and food, (of course, who doesn't want food anyway?!) with a romantic ambiance, then perhaps you might want to try San Diego nobu at hard rock hotel.
Now, who doesn't want to try dining at a famous signature restaurant downtown San Diego? If you love Japanese-Peruvian delicacies, then Nobu is the place. Nobu is a Japanese-Peruvian fusion restaurant with a high energy atmosphere and is accented with Gaslamp classics with an ultra modern decor. You can be assured with a world class service.
And oh, I would love to taste that Yellowtail with Jalapeno, try the ever famous sushi and the Lobster with Wasabi pepper sauce too! I want to try that bold and tasty twist as they say. Well, next stop when time comes for us to go back San Diego...Nobu restaurant at Hard Rock!...why not???

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Trip To Living Bible Museum

September 22, 2007 - Living Bible Museum - Mansfield, Ohio

We got curious in visiting this museum which was at least more than 1 hour away from Deer Creek. There are 4 length tours that are available but we skipped "Heart of the Reformation" since we were running out of time. We did the 3 tours; "The Life of Christ", "Miracles of The Old testament" and "Museum of Christian Martyrs". They usually call these tours Bible Walk, because perhaps it's because you're walking all the time until the tour stops. :)

If you are a beginner Bible reader, it's interesting and can help you familiarize the Bible characters.

I was able to get a quick video clip of our Bible walk tour. Photo taking is prohibited inside, but I was able to get a video. Just to share what is inside the tour :).

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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Our Trip To Holy Land (Experience) ...

If you're thinking we were visiting Israel, nah!...thanks to The Holy Land Experience in Orlando, Florida. :).
Fresh from the airport, we decided to go directly to the place after a late lunch. The place was just 20 minutes away, so not bad for the driving. We arrived there at 2:45pm. We were just in time for the "Character Meet & Greet" where I got to meet Jesus-the actor. Although he's not the real one because we know there is only one Jesus, - it was like a big fulfillment for me to see him look like real. We then proceeded to Shofar Auditorium to watch the musical show presentation "Praise through Ages" (35 minutes).

“Praise Through the Ages” – a 35-minute show of artistic expressions of faith and worship down through the ages with presentations of great images of art works throughout history alternated with a live musical presentation with music from the oldest in history progressing to today’s musical songs and rythms, in the Shofar Auditorium. It was awesome and captivating. The singers and performers were all excellent!...worth watching. You can sing with them as well. How I wished I could get photos but it is strictly prohibited once you are inside.

The museum closes at 5PM, and so we were able to watch the last and considered to be the highlights of all the live shows there; a 20-minute passion drama called "Behold The Lamb"
Before the show, there is a 15 minute talk presentation at the Calvary’s Garden Tomb about the injustices of jesus' trial.
The passion drama shows the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ in a musical presentation. The actors and actresses sing live and they have great voices. I love their voices! I took some short video clips as well just to share you the idea on what the show is all about.
Video are a little bit blurry, bu I guess it is still recognizable. That is usually the case when you watch it for free! hehehe...

Opening - (with the song "Via Dolorosa") by Sandi Patti.
I am familiar with this song usually sung during the Lenten season.

The Crucifixion of Christ:
I actually spent long hours to edit this video because it was long. I can't seem to share it because the length is too much on my video streaming site :).

The resurrection:

Holy Land Experience is an ideal place for church group trips and tours or for family as well.
Some Photos of the Place and The Drama:

Mt. Sterling, Ohio Trip Adventure

September 20-21, 2007 - Deer Creek Resort, Mt.Sterling, OHIO

I like the's again another hideaway from busy life. It's a place where you can relax and unwind from daily stressful work.
The name speaks for itself...I only got the chance to take a quick peek on the lake, and I saw mama and papa deer with little bambi on the area...they're sooo cute!
I took a video clip but I haven't check it yet, I think I made it too far..
Anyway, I will try to get some more photos or videos whenever I get the chance. We only have limited time and tomorrow we will go to Mansfield, Ohio for the Living Bible Museum.
I still have to look for deer! Wish me luck I can find one.

I had a big struggle to look for a deer once more...but to no avail. I checked my video that I got from my phone, and it was not good at all. It was all blurred, and little bambi can't be seen, so I just deleted it. I wasn't able to take even a single in nada! Anyway, just to relieve me from not getting any photos for the deer, we decided to drive down to a restaurant, 15-20 miles away from our hotel. Food is good and is home cooked.I love their home style sweet tea, and hubby loves to nibble everything edible inside that restaurant, lol!


Ben & Joy's Restaurant, Mt. Sterling, OH

Meanwhile, we bought a cup for hubby's coffee. And it's still part of his collection. I sometimes wonder where will I place these mug collections, hah! Hhmm, if no more options, I can use his wardrobe cabinet, lol! Here's the video clip I did to him with his beloved mug!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Kansas City, Missouri Trip

Kansas City, MO - August 27-31, 2007

"The City of Fountains"

Our hotel was just close to almost all of the attractions and parks. Best thing was it is adjacent to a skyway going to Union Station...pretty much close! :).

Inside Union Station:

Magnificent architecture!

Our KC Rail Experience:
If you want to experience the KC Rail, it is located inside Union Station at the Science City Museum. Inside reflects all the ancient history of the American railroad. You go inside, and there's much more to learn :).

Nelson Atkins Museum of Art:
If you love arts, sculptures and paintings, then, this is a good place to visit. There are some areas where photography is not allowed but you might just try doing it with no cam flash :). You can also do audio tour if you prefer. It is a good guide getting to know more on what a painting is all about.

Me doing the audio tour inside.

The Liberty Memorial Museum: