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Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Day of Fun in Tulsa, Oklahoma

June 5-8, 2007 (Tulsa, Oklahoma)

Tulsa, Oklahoma the night of June 5. Airport security was on alert at level orange, so there was much flight delays. So far, it wasn't that crowded probably because it was still mid week and early when we left for Tulsa. Our itinerary was BWI - OHARE - TULSA Int'l Aiport.

We were checked in at Radisson, and we didn't start doing our usual itinerary schedules not until on the 7th the whole day. Of course, I understand this is not a pleasure trip but rather my hubby's work trip on purpose. But on the other side of it, it is still a good chance to have certain time of his day reserved for our usual tour trip.

June 7, 2007

First itinerary: Philbrook Museum of Art - just 15 minutes away from our hotel so that was good. We both learned to love the place. It's somewhat like a combination of a botanical garden, and a museum. Of course, inside the museum were variety of collections...paintings, sculptures, etc...

We had captured some photos of us and in the garden...we found it more mesmerizing in the garden, really!




Meantime, while walking alongside, we saw few squirrels playing under the tree looking for their nuts. We managed to capture one who kept on coming close to us. I found him so cute, doing little things on his own with his!



This one really wanted to catch somebody's attention! He's kinda making himself impressive...he was aware he was being on camera.


Some fishes on the pond.



I thought I could just lie on the bench and get some sleep...hehehe..hubby said gottcha! and click goes the camera! geesh!

We didn't had any breakfast, so after a brief walk in the garden, we went to a restaurant which is located inside the museum. It's a small one but somewhat a formal one...and good food! I loved the grilled chicken with lettuce and tomatoes. yummy! ...with a refreshing iced tea.


Inside the museum:


Mwah to my doggie!


An alley of paintings!


We kept on figuring this weird figure but we really don't know what it is except for that eyes and lips and for sure that's human's, wala nang iba!!

Tulsa Zoo & Living Museum:

We went straight ahead to the zoo...and by the way, all of our trips were all done in a day..that's what happens when we do have little time left.



We went first to the elephant encounter...they're my husband's favorite animal, the elephants! We saw sneezy, the male elephant who's 34 years old. He was actually playing on the poolside.



Sneezy's girlfriends. I forgot the name of the other one, but the other elephant's name is gunda.


Hubby caught me chasing the geese again! He tried to stop me because he said they really have a painful bite. Most of these geese are mothers who are protecting their youngs, so they were a li'l bit aggressive.




Papa Bear!


The tiger even was in the mood to come closer to us and made his pose!


And the neighbor lion too!

Inside the butterfly house! All we had to do was to catch a photo glimpse of their beautiful wings flapping together. Here are some good ones we captured! I compressed the photos for a much larger space...

My_photos_093 My_photos_094 My_photos_100


Inside the train

Actually, it was a good idea to ride on the train just to go around the zoo. The good thing about the zoo is you can get closer view with the animals and get good shots. When you're on the train, they would just let you tour around the area and can still see the animals around.

Afterwhich, I was sooo tired and exhausted, and was very, very thirsty! The temperature was super hot! we were in the 90F that day!


Tulsa Air & Space Museum and Planetarium:

It was just a short visit. The museum was not that large, and there are some few war planes inside used during the world war 1 & 2 plus some small plane collections too. We tried watching a show in the planetarium but hubby said it was very boring...and so he slept during that whole show! Funny thing was, he was snoring while the show was on...gessh! I had to shake him a li'l bit..good thing, nobody complained hahaha!!!




Whew! It was a fun day afterall! A bit tiring but was worth it!

We had a tough day going back home...all flights were delayed, we were inside the plane and waited for the plane's take off for more than 30 minutes! Guck! That wasn't fun! From Tulsa to Chicago, still long waits, Chicago to Baltimore, flight was delayed for 45 minutes, airport crowded! Haay!!! super dead tired arriving back home!

Above all else, we thanked God for making us safe back home! We were blessed to face another new day with strength to do our deck staining which will be the next topic! I got sunburns!!! waaaahhhh!!!

I'll catch up later folks!