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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Church Camping - Solomon's Island

LCOG Church Family Camping - Solomon's Island, Maryland - July 13-14, 2007

This was a 2-day affair for our church family members to camp out in Solomon's island, but we were only able to catch up for the trip on Saturday, July 14, since hubby had to work late of Friday.

Did you know that this place is an ideal for a real, quiet vacation far from the bustling noise of the city? We were not able to go further around the area since we had to go back as soon as possible for another family affair get-together.

Here are some quick photos that we had before heading home.

I am looking forward to someday go back there to get a full visit and tour the place. If you enjoy relaxing by the beach, then I guess this is the ideal place for you...when you are in Maryland :).

See the real beauty of SOLOMON'S ISLAND. It's nostalgic and awesome.