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Monday, April 21, 2008

A Trip to Farmington, PA

May 9-10, 2007 - Nemacolin Woodlands, Farmington, Pennsylvania

This has been an enjoying road trip going to Farmington, a 3-hour drive. The road going to the place is somewhat going to the countryside, but once you reach the place, you can really say it's worth the trip because of the hotel's location and architectural design. We were checked in at Chateau Lafayette, where in rooms are patterned from famous Ritz Paris in France with vaulted ceilings and crystal chandeliers. Bathtubs are designed likely for bigger people so that when you sit in there, you will be drowned! LOL!

Road Trip Photos: I think these are all parts of Sideling Hill. I find it very attractive :)

The photos below were taken on our way back home. Did you know that hubby had to do a U-turn just to stop by on this landmark so that we can take photos of the big deer? :) It turned out to be good shots for the deer, so I had my poses there as well. :)


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