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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Visit to WonderWorks

January 18, 2007 - Wonderworks, Orlando, FLORIDA

Hubby was free the whole afternoon, so we decided to visit Wonderworks few blocks away from our hotel. We actually walked going there, so at the same time that was a good exercise. Weather wasn't too hot, so it saved us from getting sunburns! :).

The Wonderworks building is very much intriguing because of the architectural design turned upside down. Don' worry, when you enter the building, it's still like a normal building and you are not turning upside down. :) Inside is a whole fun about science and discoveries, oddities, and inventions, can let your imaginations run wild!

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Photo Sharing MyPhotoAlbum

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Me infront of Wonderworks building

Our Wonderworks Experience!
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Hubby is lying down on this sharp bed made of 3, 497 nails!..doesn't hurt.

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Me making bubbles

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Hubby made 2 big bubbles!