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Friday, March 28, 2008

My Disney World Adventure (Part 2)

January 20, 2007 - Magic Kingdom, Orlando, FLORIDA

The park was crowded since it was week end, but didn't stop us from going. This was our last itinerary before going back home Maryland the next day, so we had to make sure we'll take it and have fun! :)

Our future home..LOL!

There are a lot to visit in this big park. We should have stayed longer to complete the visit, but we didn't have enough time. Perhaps, next time. :).

Swiss Family Tree House: A walk-through tour of the Robinson's home. This is cute, going up on a tree house.

That's me going up the tree house! :)

Jungle Cruise: They call it a silly safari boat tour. The tour lasted for 15 minutes, but our wait for the ride was at least an hour or so...silly, isn't it? lol.

The scenes on the safari boat tour:

There are many photos of elephants in this wonder because they are hubby's favorite animal...and he was holding the camera. :)


Liberty Square Riverboat: A short cruise along the river.

The haunted Mansion - we actually did this journey through the dark with happy haunts. Photos are not allowed, so better behave :). It was not actually horror. Ghosts are not scary, but cute hehehe...go find it for yourselves.

"It's a Small World" - this is really ideal for your kids. I guess this is one of the most well visited spot. Loong lines during the weekend, but pretty much fast :).
Poor me...I lost my video files for this.


xxxNinaxxx said...

how nice...hope to see disneyland too there...